5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Fitness Videos More Watchable

If you are on YouTube or looking at some other fitness video websites, you will find countless videos where people demonstrate their fitness routines. But not all these videos are created equally.  Some of them are total snoozefests while others actually get your heart rate up and leave you wanting more.

So what makes the difference? It’s pretty simple – it takes good quality filming equipment and some creative tricks to create a worthwatching video. Here are 5 easy tips to create high-quality fitness videos that will stand out from the crowd:

  • Get Good Lighting

One of the most important factors when filming any kind of video is getting good lighting, especially when creating a workout video. If you can’t see what is going on in the video due to poor lighting, it makes a boring viewing experience.

Some of the best fitness routines aren’t the ones with excessive movements. They are the ones with simple movements that done right and captured correctly.

  • Focus on Good Camera Angles

If you are following along with someone demonstrating their workout on camera, your viewers want to see exactly what that person is doing actually. Focus the camera on that person and make more angles available for him.

As he performs the workout, don’t let everyone get down directly in front or behind showing off that particular move. You may also try different filming positions alternatively. Film from above or even under-the-view perspective where you can give more emphasis to what the demonstrator is trying to show.

Music has been scientifically proven to increase the intensity of the workout.  It can make viewers dance or move along with the beat of the video. If you want to improve the quality of your videos over the workout procedure, choose some motivating beats or tunes.

Having your video posted without tunes can lead the viewers easily distracted from the noises around. It can be noises from the surrounding where you filmed the video or the sound of heavy breathing of the demonstrator itself. Make sure to choose the right beat for your video.

  • Get Some Rest Breaks In There

Worked up a sweat?  No problem!  Take a break in between each set so you can keep filming until you’re ready to go again. It might be tempting to just rush through one more set without stopping but this is when things go wrong. 

Little mistakes can happen that may ruin some parts of your filming video.  Also, quick cuts between each break makes the video seem more unorganized and unprofessional. Better save yourself some time and edit out those breaks later.

  • Work Out With Someone Else

If you really want to make your workout interesting, nothing is better than having a partner or two to film with you.  It could be someone at the same fitness level as you or even someone much stronger. Keep in mind that variety always creates interesting dynamics in any video as it keeps things from getting stale.

The bottom line is – if you want your audience to watch your videos, it has to be high quality and well produced.  By following these tips, yours might end up becoming the next fitness sensation!

How To Optimize Your Fitness Video To Get More Views

Now that you have the ideas you need to make your fitness videos more watchable, it’s time to start optimizing them to get even more views. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Make sure your title is catchy and interesting

The title of your video is the first thing that people see as they search for content on YouTube or other video websites. Make sure that it is catchy and interesting enough to make them want to watch the entire thing.

  • Write a good description

Along with your title, the description of your video also plays an important role. As you enticed the viewer with your title, the next thing he will check on is the description. This is where you can give more information about what the video is about, who you are as a person or trainer, and other information about the video. Be sure to write informative descriptions for your video.

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  • Add tags to your video

Tags is another important factor to help the viewers find your videos on YouTube or other video-sharing websites.  Think of these like keywords that people might use when searching for something similar to what you’re offering. Just like the title and description, make sure you fill up all of the available space with relevant words that people might be typing into a search bar.

  • Use sharing tools on your website

Lastly, don’t forget about making it easy for people to share your videos!  This will ensure that they can send them to their friends via email or social media so they can enjoy watching them as well!   

Do you want more views?  Increase the number of places your video can be found by using these tips.  You will get many more views and likes this way!


The tips we’ve shared here are just a few of the many ways to attract more viewers and increase your fitness video views. Is there anything you would add? Let us know! We want to make sure you have all the resources possible for creating videos that will get people excited about working out, no matter how they prefer to watch them.

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