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Troy Aikman Diabetes: Read To Know About His Illness!

This article is based on the details of Troy Aikman Diabetes, have you heard about his illness? Does he actually have diabetes? To know all these answers, stay connected with us till the end. Troy Aikman is an American football quarterback who played 12 seasons with Dallas Cowboys before transferring to Oklahoma where he played college football at UCLA.

Troy Aikman was then awarded a Davey O’Brien Award as a senior, he was a great player but his early retirement was quite shocking for his fans. He got several injuries so he decide to take retirement in April 2001. His health is deteriorating day by day, keep reading to know what disease does troy aikman have!

What disease does Troy Aikman have?

what disease does troy aikman have

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The details on Troy Aikman Diabetes are not available but he is suffering from melanoma disease which is a type of skin cancer. He was raised in California and he didn’t realize that the scorching heat of the sun is damaging his skin until he noticed a black spot. His sisters were working as a nurse so he told them about his condition.

Luckily, the melanoma was diagnosed in the early stages and his treatment was started immediately. After getting diagnosed with stage II melanoma, he got saddened but he survived as it didn’t spread out. He once said that this was a very frightening phase of his life and now that it is over, he is quite thankful.

He further said that he was lucky that he didn’t go through advanced melanoma and that he felt for the people who are suffering from it. Now, this 56-year-old survivor is working hard to spread awareness of this disease so that no one would ever reach advanced melanoma. He also supports people who are fighting this disease.

When we searched for Troy Aikman’s Diabetes, we found out that he was suffering from Melanoma, not diabetes. Troy is also working with many organizations including the Melanoma International Foundation and Melanoma Research Foundation to launch Melanoma Just Got Personal so that people can learn more about their disease and fight for it with the hope of survival.

Which diet does Troy Aikman follow?

Now that you know what disease does troy aikman have and Troy Aikman Diabetes details are not found, let’s learn about how he takes care of his health. He is now following a pegan diet and avoiding eating processed sugar, gluten, and dairy. You must be wondering where he gets his daily calories. Well, he is taking them from plant-based dishes.

Moreover, he does not cut out meat and fish even though he follows a vegan diet. The diet he follows is totally focused on fresh food and vegetables. The followers of this diet are allowed to eat small portions of brown rice and quinoa to get their daily dose of carbohydrates. If you are following this diet then don’t eat dairy products, you can get fat from seeds, nuts, and coconut.

Things to know about the health of Troy Aikman:

There is no such news of Troy Aikman Diabetes, however, the illness he had which is melanoma is healed and he is a survivor. Let’s learn more about how he takes care of his health:

  • He follows a pegan diet that helps him stay fit and healthy.
  • He cut out dairy products from his diet.
  • There is an Instagram influencer named Dr. Mark Hyman, he got inspired by his diet plans and this is how he started following the pegan diet.
  • The three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback is now living a healthy life, he starts his day by doing meditation for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • He also takes vitamin tablets to ensure that he takes proper daily nutrients.
  • Troy also does cardio 5 to 6 days a week.
  • He said, “I drink at least one gallon of water every day”.
  • He takes 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily and ensures that he does not stay up late at night.

Wrapping Up:

The American quarterback is a survivor of melanoma, he was diagnosed in the early stages so his treatment started immediately before the disease was spread. Now, he is working hard and spreading awareness about advanced melanoma. He also takes good care of his health now as we discussed above. If you want to read more related posts then must read our recently written article ”Is Leann Rimes Diabetic”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where did Troy Aikman have melanoma?

He noticed a spot on his back and when he went for a checkup, he got to know about his condition which was quite frightening for him.

Why did Troy Aikman retire so early?

Due to health concerns and various injuries, he decided to take retirement in April 2001.

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