Privacy Policy

Health Surgeon comprehends the importance of personal information secrecy for our users. This is why we have formulated such a flexible privacy policy so that our users are kept aware of how we use their information to improve our services.  

What Sort of Information Do We Collect? 

The information we collect is primarily based on the nature of your interaction with our web pages. For instance, once you sign up and start using our services, your personal details such as name, email address, marital status, zip/city, postal code, gender, birth date, and permanent address are stored.  

Similarly, the information you provide us through lead forms, mailing lists, customer support programs, emails, comments, partner promotions, quizzes, surveys, and employment-related queries stays with us in the form of stored data.  

At the same time, we may also collect information from your devices (phones, tablets, or other virtual media streaming devices) with the intent to identify unique visitors and create a user-friendly interference.  

Other crucial details such as cookies, location, website interactions, and data analytics may also be collected for advertising purposes. However, you should know that any sort of client-related or personal information we collect is used to customize content and for advertising purposes.  

We wish to learn more about our audience through social media platforms and third-party services, So, collecting information is essential for us to make significant improvements to our forum.  

How Do We Use the Provided Information? 

The personal information we collect from our users may be utilized in any of the following ways: 

  • To spot out your engagement with our website, whether it be through any service or product. 
  • To identify our users’ interests and provide content based on their interactions.  
  • To make our services accessible at all times, especially for collaborating with our partners.  
  • To manage payments and verify identities to ensure a reader-friendly and safe atmosphere for everyone.  
  • To facilitate a personalized advertising system on our platform based on the users’ activity.  
  • To monitor, conduct, and improve analytics on our blogs while considering product offerings.  

With Whom is the Information Shared? 

The information we collect would most probably be shared with our other blogging websites and apps with the intent to improve our existing services with time. However, the details may also be shared with our business clients in some cases. 

We may also have to share details of our website’s audience with some third parties such as data analyzers, authentication processors, technology providers, business intelligence providers for the betterment of our business activities. Apart from that, we also deal with third-party promotions and advertising, so that process may also involve sharing data.  

Know Your Rights 

Keep in mind that every user reserves the right to request their personal information from our platform. This means that you can email us at if you wish to view, delete, or deny access to your private data.  

However, if you repeal your consent for the grant of personal information, then we will no longer be able to make healthcare services accessible to you. Also, note that we may also ask you to verify your identity, as per law, before proceeding with any request. Counting on the nature of your proposal, we would ask you to provide your phone name, email address, and name as a general rule. However, we also reserve the right to inquire for additional information if required.    

Contact Us 

We hope that we have made everything straightforward with our specially designed privacy policy. Nevertheless, if you still feel that any of your queries are left unanswered on this page, feel free to contact us at

Last Updated: 11 January 2022

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