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Causes of Pimple Inside ButtCheek and How to Treat Them

Pimples on the buttocks can be pretty painful at times. Whether small or large, they often come with an itchy sensation, making it exceedingly difficult to sit. Whether formed between the butt cheeks or on the butt crack, such pimples can spread infections speedily.

pimple inside buttcheek may be due to a yeast infection primarily caused by excessive heat or sweat in the butt region. Apart from this, some other probable causes of butt acne include tight clothing, friction sensitivity, Folliculitis, herpes, STDs, and prolonged sitting.

Do you realize what the most disturbing part about butt cracks is? These acne-causing pimples can start by growing on the buttock cheeks and then gradually extend towards the back of thighs, if not taken proper care of. Let us dive into some potential causes of butt acne along with their possible cures!

What Do Pimples on Buttocks Symbolize? 

What Do Pimples on Buttocks Symbolize? 


It is not peculiar to get a pimple or two on the butt region. This may be caused by sweating due to extreme physical activities, such as cycling and running. At the same time, tight clothing, excessive dirt, and prolonged sitting may also contribute to the propagation of butt acne.

A pimple inside buttcheek usually appears as a slightly raised bump on the skin. However, depending on their potential cause and severity, some abscesses may develop into whiteheads, acne spots, zits, boils, or blackheads.

In some critical cases, infected bumps filled with pus or blood have also been observed. Irrespective of their size, all sorts of pimple inside buttcheek can be irritating as it makes it difficult to stand or sit.

Primary Causes of Butt Acne 

Have you been searching for the causes of butt acne lately but still cannot find anything useful? Why do you think some people get pimples on their buttocks so frequently while others do not?

According to several kinds of research, pimples evolve as a result of clogged pores on the skin.

Furthermore, sweat glands and the formation of excess sebum under the skin surface may lead to the formation of itchy pimples on the butt or thigh region. Some primary causes of spots on the buttocks have been listed below.

  • Infection of hair follicles in the skin, also known as Folliculitis, is the primary cause of butt acne.
  • Extreme workouts cause sweating, which may lead to butt acne.
  • Raised bumps on the buttocks may also be caused by shaving or waxing-related infections.
  • Some deadly STDs, including Genital Herpes, may also lead to the formation of vascular lesions or eruptions on the skin. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that someone with butt acne has an STD.
  • Large boils on the butt area called carbuncles may result from damaged hair follicles.
  • People with diabetes are highly prone to butt infections, butt acne being the most common.
  • Red bumps on the buttocks may also evolve due to yeast infections (Candida).
  • The most familiar cause of a pimple inside buttcheek is hormonal acne, particularly in teenagers and postnatal women.
  • Various bacterial infections have also been known to cause pimples on the butt.

Why are Itchy Bumps Formed on Butt Cheeks? 

Itchy spots formed on the skincare routine are typically the result of gluten allergies or infections caused by creams. Tiny itchy pimples in the butt region may also be due to allergic reactions.

Whatever, contact dermatitis or allergies can cause a lot of stinging, pain, and discomfort. Consumption of gluten-containing foods and usage of cheap body creams may lead to the formation of itchy bumps on the buttocks.

Treatment of Butt Acne

Treatment of Butt Acne


Although there isn’t any definite treatment to remove butt acne immediately, some effective remedies have been mentioned below.

  • OTC medications that contain benzoyl peroxide and other antibiotic pills can be used to get rid of butt acne.
  • For someone with genital herpes sores, antiviral ointments may help.
  • Applying tea tree oil for 20 minutes on the infected areas and then rinsing with warm water has proven to be an influential home remedy.
  • Applying warm compresses or taking showers after exercise may help improve self-hygiene and thus reduce butt pimples.
  • Using Retin A may also prove helpful in the case of razor bumps.

The Bottom Line 

We sincerely hope that we can enlighten you with the causes and treatment of butt-related acne. Acne-prone people are more likely to get zits on the butt region and inner thighs. However, Allergies can occur in all adults, toddlers and young babies.

It is crucial to take your child to a pediatrician once you notice acne-related symptoms or signs of allergies. At the same time, the above-mentioned home remedies can help ease irritation and pain while you’re on your way to healing from a pimple-related issue.

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