Jacob’s ladder Piercing: Pros and Cons

Today’s world consists of people who are crazy for tattoos, piercing, or any kind of body style modifications. Most people find this a way to express themselves more effectively, while some just want the thrill of these actions.

Piercings have been quite famous in today’s times, people don’t stop with one or two piercings, and they go on for multiples.

With this thought, there are piercings available to be installed into your penis as well. This is the most painful thought for mostly all guys out there. If there is one thing which you want to protect, it’s definitely your penis. Jacob’s ladder is a type of penis piercing.

Let us learn more about this unique trend & how Jacob’s ladder piercing works.

What Is Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

What Is Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

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Jacob’s ladder piercing is a male genital piercing that consists of a collection of frenum piercings that gives the representation of a ladder. It is done on the basic shaft of the penis through the loose PSA skin in that area. A barbell or a captive bead ring is pierced through the shaft. 

This piercing is the second most famous after the Prince Albert piercing. It was developed in the United States. Primarily it was done in the area of the shaft (foreskin), but now it is done in multiple areas of the penis.

These piercings are fairly extreme & it gives most people jitters even thinking about it. There are those strong-hearted men who want to have a thrill in their lives. These enthusiasts believe that Jacob’s ladder piercing gives them a lot more enjoyable intercourse with their partners & the latter seems to feel pleasure from it as well.

However, this is a very subjective matter as there are valid risks involved with this piercing. This may incur pain during intercourse & infections in that area.

The procedure of Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

Most enthusiasts who are willing to do this kind of piercing, do one at a sitting. While some of them do more than one until their limit is reached. The more piercings are done at once, the longer healing time is required. One Jacob’s ladder piercing cost about $100, & substantially increases with each barbell increase. We will talk more about the healing time in the later section.

The professional piercer will check how much room is available for the piercings as you visit him. You will have the autonomy to choose a piece of jewelry you want to implant there which is mostly a 12 or 10 gauge titanium barbell with some extra length to accommodate for swelling.

The piercer will clean & sterilize your chosen jewelry while you enter the room where the piercing will be done. Remember that you are accountable for any mishaps & complications during this process as it is solely your decision.

You will be told to take out your penis & the piercer will clean it using a surgical scrub & mark the areas where the piercing is to be done. With your confirmation, the piercer will pierce you.

How Long Does It Take To Heal Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

It depends on each individual for the exact healing time for this piercing. On average, it takes about one & a half months to heal. It is recommended to take a few months of any kind of sexual contact & to start slowly with your routine. If you cannot control the urge to keep away from sexual activity during the healing period, it is best to make use of a condom as the pierced area is prone to blood flow.

The pain incurred in this piercing is pretty strange. It feels like an injection that gives immediate sharp pain. Similarly, this piercing results in searing pain at the time of the piercing process, after which the pain is almost gone. It is best to consult a professional for any kind of piercing.

If the sexual contact gives you any kind of pain, you should stop immediately & let it heal further. The healing rate also gets affected by diet, genetics, cleaning, the care taken after piercing. Proper care & attention has to be paid for a speedy recovery.

Comparison with Other Types of Piercings

This piercing is considered to be one of the easiest in terms of placement & complexity. Also, some people don’t feel any pain while the process as they enjoy the process. It is quite subjective & people have different views about this.

Other piercings are a bit cheaper than Jacob’s ladder piercing. It is quite a new trend going on nowadays & many people are going crazy about it. Understanding the procedure of dermal piercings can help individuals make informed decisions about their body modifications and ensure a safe and successful piercing experience.

Final Words

I hope you got the uneasiness & interest while reading this article. I literally crossed my legs while writing it. Express your views done in the comment section.

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