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Burro Banana: Health Benefits and Facts about Burro Banana

There are around 2000 types of fruits available on our planet! The western world only uses 10% of that number. With different tastes, appearances, & colors, these fruits are quite interesting to know about.

One such unique fruit is the Burro banana. It is a kind of banana that is shaped shorter & thicker than the average banana.

Let us learn more about the Burro banana & all its benefits & facts in this article. 

What are Burro Bananas?

What are Burro Bananas?


Burro banana, also known as chunky bananas are short & sturdier bananas. They have a cube-like shape & have different edges than the regular banana.

The word “burro” means donkey in Spanish, it is named burro banana because of its short height & stubby structure. They have a chalky texture & are green-colored in youth. They gradually turn into a deep yellow color as they are ripe.

These bananas are considered the original breed of bananas which are seen as more superior than the regular bananas. Their ripened flesh turns to a creamy & soft texture which has a lemony tanginess to it. As the fruit ripens, black spots form on its skin.

These bananas were originated in Southeast Asia & were later sent to the other parts of the world using trade routes. Currently, they grow in Mexico & Central America.

Burro Banana Benefits

Burro Banana Benefits


There are tremendous amounts of health benefits of eating burro banana. They are low in fats & carbohydrates. Also having a low calorie count. They contain essential minerals & vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin C, & fiber. 

They are quite low in starch & also contain beneficial minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, & iron. These bananas are great blood & sugar level stabilizers as they stimulate hemoglobin levels in the body. They act as a blood pressure regulator as they contain high amounts of potassium.

These bananas are termed as the most original & natural bananas you could find on Earth because all other species are the result of hybrid modifications & breeding. Hence, these bananas are alkaline & are proven to have more nutritional & health benefits than regular bananas.

Burro banana also helps in treating anemia as they are rich in iron which is a vital element for red blood cells. Furthermore, the potassium in the banana helps to fight against common diseases as it reduces strain on kidneys & helps to keep toxins away from the kidneys.

These bananas also act as strong protection against cardiovascular diseases. The main element which cures most diseases is potassium.

It can alleviate blood pressure by calming & soothing the stress of arteries & our veins. It acts as an oxygenator for other organs of the body & provides a catalyst & reduces the burden & stress on the cardiovascular system.

Other benefits include better eyesight, boosting bone health, alleviating constipation, and a cure for arthritis.

Facts & Differences of Burro Banana to Normal Bananas

Many people consider that bananas grow on trees, but in reality, they are the world’s largest herbaceous plants bearing edible fruits. Also, one banana plant only grows one bunch of bananas after which it dies & regrows another plant next to it.

Burro bananas are quite different in taste, appearance, & nutritional composition as compared to regular bananas. Regular bananas (also known as Cavendish) are much longer than burro banana.

The burro banana has quite distinctive inward edges & ridges which are not found in the regular banana. Also, they grow at most 6 inches while the regular grow more than 8 inches. Also, the burro has a quite lemony taste as compared to the sweet buttery taste of the regular banana.

More about Burro Banana

More about Burro Banana


Burro banana peels are edible & are very rich in phosphorus & other nutrients. They can also be boiled for using them in numerous recipes. One useful fact about bananas is that their peel can be used to polish leather shoes. Also, they help soothe insect bites when rubbed gently on the infected area. Bananas act as an effective fertilizer & promote healthy plant growth.

Burro bananas can be eaten raw when they are ripe enough. They can also be made in recipes, such as puddings, fries, smoothies, pies, & many desserts.

A Few Last Words

We hope this article increased your knowledge about bananas & the different kinds of bananas which are available in the market.

Feel to comment down below your views, and suggestions, or to simply ask queries & questions regarding this article & our page. We hope you enjoyed this article & learning new facts about burro banana made you “go bananas”.

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