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What Is The Dr Sebi Cure For Diabetes? Know Here!

If you are looking for a cure that could help you in reversing diabetes then read this article to learn dr Sebi cure for diabetes. For people who have never heard about Dr Sebi, he is a herbalist and self-learner who does not hold any degree in medication. His claims about several cures were criticized and he was ordered to stop making false claims.

The suggested Dr Sebi cure for diabetes is actually a diet plan, he believed that advanced medications are not useful so he used to suggest his own cures. Note that his cures are not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dr. Sebi died in 2016 while in police custody, keep reading to know dr Sebi cure for diabetes!

dr sebi cure for diabetes type 2

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Thoughts of dr Sebi on diabetes – Who was he?

Diabetics always want to find a method that can reverse their condition so they can enjoy their life like they used to. Dr. Sebi was a herbalist who worked so hard to find a cure through natural means. The research of dr Sebi on diabetes was also criticized by several medical doctors but Dr. Sebi never stopped until he died in 2016.

After years of research and hard work, he finally managed to prepare a diet for diabetics which is totally natural. It is true that this dr Sebi cure for diabetes is appreciated throughout the world and many people found it helpful but dr sebi cure for diabetes type 2 is not much effective and you should consult your doctor before leaving medicine.

What is dr Sebi cure for diabetes?

As per his studies, he believed that the diseases are caused by mucus and acidity and some foods are helpful in reversing the disease. He suggested patients detoxify their bodies and avoid those foods which are responsible for this condition. He believed that by following his method, the body can achieve an alkaline state that will help in reducing the effects of the disease.

However, dr Sebi cure for diabetes was not approved as it lacks scientific evidence and as to many health professionals, this cure cannot reverse the disease. The plant-based cures can be beneficial for our health but in severe medical conditions, it is not really a good idea to start following such procedures without consulting your doctor.

What are the Rules of Dr Sebi Diet?

If you have decided to follow dr sebi cure for diabetes type 2 then you should know the rules of his diet!

  • Read the guide properly to make sure that you don’t miss anything.
  • Do not use alcohol and minimize the use of microwaves.
  • Canned foods are harmful to your health so avoid them.
  • Avoid canned and seedless fruits.
  • You will be required to drink natural spring water (approx 1 gallon) on daily basis.
  • You can eat vegetables like kale, bell peppers, avocado, etc, and fruits like bananas, dates, apples, etc.
  • Herbal teas are the key when we talk about dr Sebi cure for diabetes, these can include ginger, fennel, chamomile, and others.
  • Try using natural sweeteners like date sugar and agave syrup.
  • You should also use wild rice, rye, quinoa, raw sesame seeds, tahini butter, etc.

Is it safe to follow the diet of Dr Sebi?

He encourages people to avoid processed foods as these include preservatives that are harmful to everyone, especially to people with diabetes. Know that dr Sebi cure for diabetes may not include essential nutrients and the thoughts of dr Sebi on diabetes are not supported by many experts so don’t do anything on your own.

Does dr Sebi cure for diabetes actually work?

Many experts and pharmaceutical companies bashed him for his work but as per the reviews, many people claimed that his diet actually worked for them and they are happy that they have learned about his work during the initial stages.

Many people also believe that he was a great healer and by following his alkaline meals, they can effectively reverse the effects of diabetes. You can buy his book online to follow dr Sebi cure for diabetes, it is also available on Amazon.

Wrapping Up:

We have provided all the details related to dr Sebi cure for diabetes and we hope that you found this article informative. Do not forget to read all the instructions before starting his diet and if your condition is serious then consult your doctor first.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who was Dr Sebi?

His real name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman, and he identified himself as a herbalist healer who worked in the United States. His diet plans are the topic of controversy, he died in 2016 in police custody as per reports.

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