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Lisa Thomas Laury Disease: Briefly Explained Here!

This article has all the information regarding Lisa Thomas Laury disease and what treatments helped her in moving on with life. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Lisa Thomas-Laury worked as a newsreader and was part of a 5 p.m. broadcast at WPVI-TV for so long. She married a handsome doctor named Dr. William Laury and has 2 sons.

She was living a perfect life in both her personal and professional life until she was diagnosed with a rare condition called POEMS syndrome. She was devastated by the news that her vocal cords got paralyzed when she was at the peak of her career. Due to Lisa Thomas Laury disease, she went through two bone marrow transplants. Meanwhile, there’s speculation about what disease Lil Baby may have, adding to the ongoing discussion about health issues.

Lisa Thomas Laury illness was first diagnosed in 2001 when went for a walk and felt something in her legs. Her ankles started getting weak so she went to see a doctor at Lankenau Medical Center who told her that she has a blood disorder that’s why she felt numbing and tingling in her legs. Keep reading to learn more about the Lisa Thomas Laury disease!

Complete details about Lisa Thomas Laury disease:

Lisa Thomas was diagnosed with POEMS syndrome and she was about to start treatment when her doctor suggested the specialist at Lankenau. She got confused because those doctors didn’t confirm Lisa Thomas Laury disease and she didn’t get the right treatment due to which her health deteriorated more. 

As time passed, her organs started shutting down, and her vocal cords got paralyzed. As she was unable to stand and felt weak, she started using a wheelchair.  It was quite irritating for her and she got depressed as she was unable to find the answers. She was prescribed OxyContin by her doctors but it didn’t work so she herself increases the dosage and got addicted.

Lisa did this due to the unbearable pain but it was wrong and she accepted and stated that “That’s what happens when you develop this dependency, when you start trying to manage your own medication, it’s not good. I learned that after the fact”. When she misses the dosage, she becomes Dental anxiety and starts panicking, this is when she realized that she became addicted. 

Lisa Thomas Laury disease started getting worse day by day and when she forgot her medicine at home while going to D.C, she stated that “I counted to 100 forwards and backwards. I recited nursery rhymes. I tried to sing with the songs on the radio, my husband would reach out to hold my hand. I would grab it and hold tight, digging my fingernails in, and then I would abruptly shove his hand away.”

She further stated that “I was not in pain, I took it because my body was telling me I needed it to calm down”. It was an addiction and she knew it because she has seen people die due to over dosage in her extended friends and family. However, she fought with that too and started talking about it openly to help people who are in the same situation as hers.

Lisa Thomas Laury disease – How she fought with her illness?

lisa thomas laury illness

Source: Inquirer.com

Due to Lisa Thomas Laury illness, the doctor prescribed her oxytocin and she got addicted but soon she saved herself and started controlling her urge to take medicine without any reason. She went through two bone marrow transplants and now she is doing fine but it is sad that she didn’t gain her previous healthy life back. 

However, during this journey, she met many people like her who got addicted to medicines that were prescribed to reduce pain so she decided to help such people. She said, “We have to keep our eyes and ears open, talk to our children, talk to our sons and daughters about what’s going on in their lives, and encourage them to get help”.

She further stated that “I realized I’m here with people who have much worse problems than I do, who are going to stay here longer. It was a real eye-opener for me, but never did I question why I was there. I was where I needed to be.”

Wrapping Up:

Lisa Thomas Laury disease turned out to be POEMS syndrome and this news was quite shocking for her as she was at the peak of her career. She got so severely weak that she was unable to stand and started using a wheelchair. She is a brave woman who fought well and helped others as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Lisa Laury’s husband?

She got married to William Laury who is a doctor and she has two sons Langston and Leland with him.

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