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What Disease Does Tozawa Have? Get His Health Update Here!

Have you watched the ‘Tokyo Vice’ crime-drama series? Then you must be wondering about what disease does Tozawa have? Based on Jake Adelstein’s 2009 novel of the same name, this series was produced by J.T. Rogers. We have seen that Tozawa was suffering from some serious illness, so if you wish to know about Tokyo vice Tozawa illness, stay connected!

Do you know that the character of Tozawas was inspired by a yakuza member ‘Tadamasa Goto?’ That’s right and he also suffered from a kidney ailment, however, his surgery was successful and he fully recovered. As for Tozawa, he stays alive for now and he will be seen in season 2 as well. 

The protagonist of this crime drama is Adelstein (Ansel Elgort), an American living abroad in Japan who has experience working as a crime reporter for a Japanese-language newspaper. While developing one of his stories, he came across Shinzo Tozawa, a violent yakuza leader (Ayumi Tanida). Let’s learn about what disease does Tozawa have!

What disease does Tozawa have?

When in the introductory scenes of Tokyo Vice Tozawa illness was a little bit highlighted, and the viewers didn’t take notice. As the story progressed, people started taking more interest and now they are wondering about What disease does Tozawa have so let’s find out! If you have friends or relatives who have already invested in Best Health Care and got good results from it, you can inquire from them.

In the 3rd episode of Tokyo Vice, we have seen Tozawa for the first time. The season starts in the year 2021, and there was a meeting between Yabuki and other high-ranking members of Tozawa-gumi who threatened Jake not to publish an article on Tozawa. Then, it shifted to the past events of 1999 when everything started. 

tokyo vice tozawa illness

Source: Thecinemaholic.com

As we have mentioned above that the character of Tozawa is based on Tadamasa Goto, the writer shared that Goto got permission to go to the US for kidney surgery at UCLA  in exchange for Yamaguchi-gumi-related information. it is expected that Tozawa is suffering from the same illness in this crime drama. 

Even though there are many similarities between the drama character and Goto, Rogers told the media that no character is inspired by any real personality. The first season ended as Tozawa took off for a trip and the viewers believe that he is also going to the same place for his kidney surgery. It may be possible that Tokyo vice Tozawa illness is related to liver cirrhosis.

As depicted in the first scene, the yakuza have found out that in order to get operated within the US, Towaza made a deal and betrayed them by feeding the FBI information about them. As a means of damage control, they’re now trying to scare off Jake and stop him from publishing his exposé.

The yakuza had discovered that Towaza made a deal and betrayed them by providing the FBI with information on them in order to be operated within the US. They’re currently attempting to scare Jake away and prevent him from publishing his exposé in an effort to contain the damage. The question ‘what disease does Tozawa have’ is still a mystery. Meanwhile, rumors swirl around about Lisa Thomas Laury’s disease, adding to the intrigue surrounding the situation.

Is Tozawa going to be healthy again?

As many people found similarities between Goto and Tozawa, Goto had a successful surgery and is still alive so Tozawa is most likely to become healthy again. He also went for an ultrasound to check for liver cancer which mostly occurs with cirrhosis. It can easily be treated by transplanting the liver, but it must be detected in the early stages.

In addition to the answer to ‘what disease does Tozawa have’, the similarities between Goto and Tozawa depict that whatever is Tozawa’s disease, he is going to be healed completely and we will see him in action in the upcoming seasons. 

Wrapping Up:

We have tried to provide the answer to the question ‘what disease does Tozawa have’ in detail and we hope that now you have a better understanding of his illness. The mysteries of this crime drama will be solved one by one and you will then understand every character better. For now, let’s for the next season to know the truth!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What was wrong with Tozawa in Tokyo Vice?

Jake Adelstein discovered while working on the Tozawa case that Tozawa had liver failure and was attempting to get a transplant performed in the US at the risk of the lives of other patients. In order to accomplish this, he is collaborating with the FBI as an informant.

Who is the white girl in Tokyo Vice?

Polina is an Eastern European migrant, a kind woman who came to Tokyo looking for work as a model.

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