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Panchakarma: In-house mending programs with customary Ayurveda treatments

Yearly Ayurveda care: You needn’t bother withbeinge debilitated to get better!

We as a whole have space to improve and be better!

Work during medicines: Read more here.

One-of-a-kind Programs: Read more here.

Ayurveda Care

We offer therapy programs for ailments, general wellbeing upkeep, and revival also. Ayurveda treats the singular patient and not the illness.

It is likewise ideal when the patient can accomplish a sensible change in diet and way of life when he/she returns home; it is in the three months quickly following the treatment that a large part of the advantage is seen.

therapies given incoare given PanchakarVamanamana, virechana, kashaya vasti, thaila Basti, Nasya), abhyanga, Shirodhara, pizhichil, navarakizhi, sirovasti, sirolepa, Takahara, Ela kizhi, podi kizhi, Navara kizhi, kshetra kizhi – and other such therapies as are considered proper in light of the specific clinical need of the patient.

During treatment, all patients are encouraged to take the greatest physical and mental rest, for better recuperating. The admission of food is likewise confined to straightforward eating region men vegan food in fundamental amounts.


We can assist you with booking a Vedic soothsaying meetings

As the celestial prophet comes from Kerala, the meeting should be planned well ahead of time. Our ongoing soothsayer is Padur Mahesh Panicker who hails from a group of celestial prophets and is notable in this field. Numerous patients have been very satisfied with his instinctive readings.

You might if it’s not too much trouble, have the accompanying data accessible with you for the soothsaying meeting – date of birth, the specific of birth, a spot of birth (counting scope and longitude if accessible)

One soothsaying meeting goes on for something like 45 minutes

It works out for you to figure out a smidgen about Vedic soothsaying, furthermore list the inquiries that you might want to pose to the crystal gazer

The base suggested gift is USD 18 or INR 1200; but assuming you are satisfied with the meeting, you might go ahead and give more to the soothsayer

Since the stargazer communicates in just the neighborhood language (Malayalam or Tamil), Aparna or one of the doctors will be glad to decipher for you if necessary

If it’s not too much trouble, recall that a mysterious perusing is just a direction to assist you with grasping the time period you are going through (or will be going through in the future); it gives you signs of potential impacts, great and terrible, which will anyway at long last rely upon your own decisions

On the off chance that the stargazer recommends a few medicinal measures (like poojas wearing gemstones or offering petitions at sanctuaries), you are allowed to acknowledge or dismiss his actions

vaidyagrama is giving the prophetic meetings as a help, and subsequently not liable for the expectations and the healadviceices given by the stargazer.


In ‘Panchakarma’ or ‘retreat treatments’, many advances are taken, each custom-made to the patient with the right portion and extent of the fixings and yoga exercises, and every vein treatment is in a state of harmony with others in the succession.

A Vaidya utilizes his/her insight, preparation, experience, and instinct to design a timetable that assists your body with purging, fixing, and reviving as quickly and productively as conceivable so you can recuperate quicker, simpler, er and all the more totally.

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