10 Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough

People often neglect Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough because they don’t even notice them and wonder why strange things are happening to them. In this article, we will share 10 symptoms of not eating enough so stay connected with us if you want to learn all of them. 

Sometimes, in order to lose our body weight, we adopt some horrible habits of not eating enough which leads to bad health conditions so it is important to take a proper diet even if you want to lose weight. Keep reading to find out the side effects of not eating enough!

What are the 10 Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough?

There are numerous Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough that vary from person to person, read them below to find out if you are having any one of them or not:


side effects of not eating enough

In the list of the symptoms of not eating enough, depression is also considered to be a  major cause of not eating enough. A study showed that people who often skip meals tend to be more depressed than others. It is commonly seen in adults that changes in eating habits lead to depression and stress.

So, if you often feel depressed, it is time to keep a healthy check on your diet and to improve your body functions including hormones and ability to think, do not skip meals.

Low Blood sugar Levels:

It is not always necessary to have Hypoglycemia to experience low blood sugar levels, sometimes, it happens due to the habit of eating less or skipping meals. If you are not eating enough, you are likely to experience lightheadedness, feeling shaky, poor concentration, or a headache.

If you are not eating the required amount of food, you will be started feeling dizzy so in order to avoid such side effects of not eating enough, take a proper healthy diet that should include fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

Cravings for Unhealthy Food:

It is a common thing among the Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough so if you often experience cravings late at night or any time during the day then it is time to start taking proper meals. You should select your food wisely that contains enough calories and are rich in proteins so you don’t feel like eating unhealthy food again and again.

Low Energy levels:

You must have learned in high school that a calorie is a unit of energy, so why do we see it as a bad thing? Well, if you don’t maintain your calorie intake as per your body’s requirements then it becomes a bad thing for you and you will always feel low. 

Therefore, it is crucial to determine how many calories you should consume each day. If you feel fatigued, see a nutritionist and find out which meals you aren’t consuming enough of.


It is one of the most common side effects of not eating enough food, if you often experience constipation (less stool) then you might not be eating the required amount of food. We often miss breakfast and lunch due to work and don’t even realize what we are doing wrong with our bodies. 

Constipation is more common in people who constantly restrict their diet and consume less than is needed. They are recommended to eat more fiber because it helps with stool and encourages regular bowel motions.

Trouble Sleeping:

side effects of not eating enough

If you haven’t found anything relatable in our list of Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough, struggling with not getting proper sleep might be the sign for you as it is also the most common thing. 

According to a study, those who overeat or don’t eat enough are more likely to have trouble falling asleep at night. You should be aware that a lot of other factors can also impact your sleeping pattern.

Hair Loss:

side effects of not eating enough

It’s time to create a healthy diet plan with professional assistance if your hair has suddenly begun to fall out because what you eat has a direct impact on the health of your hair and nails. In addition, if you’re a girl or woman, you’ll become anxious and constantly think that your hair is no longer beautiful because so much of it is falling out, which may cause further issues.

However, it’s natural to lose a certain quantity of hair every day, so don’t worry too much about it, instead pay attention to whether or not it’s becoming worse. If so, consume sufficient calories and important nutrients.

Brain Fog:

Do you often get confused while doing basic daily jobs? Is it hard for you to concentrate on things and has all of this never happened before? Then you might not be eating proper meals.  These feelings are due to Brain fog which happens when your body doesn’t find the energy to function properly. 

You should include dark leafy greens, seafood, berries, beans, whole grains, and nuts in your daily diet as they will help in the proper functioning of the brain function and prevent dementia.


Nowadays, girls are missing their monthly cycles which is called Amenorrhea in scientific language. This thing is happening with many of them and there are many other reasons for it but you should take into account that not taking a proper diet also leads to this condition. 

When you don’t eat enough food or frequently consume unhealthy food, you can develop polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism, which can disrupt your hormones and cause you to stop getting your period.


Irritability/Grumpiness is the last but not the least on our list of Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough. It is one of the most common factors of less eating or not eating at all because when the stomach stays empty for a long time then it has been seen that most people become grumpy. 

Furthermore, when you don’t take proper meals or often skip meals, you easily get frustrated and feel like giving up on everything. A study showed that eating patterns directly affect mood disorders.

Wrapping Up:

We have shared the 10 most common Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough Food and hope that you found this article useful. You should know that it is crucial to take the right amount of healthy food otherwise you might experience side effects that are very hard to identify. Also check about Clementine, it is a comprehensive eating disorder treatment program that offers personalized care for women and adolescents. Their approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, including medical management, psychotherapy, and nutrition therapy. The Clementine eating disorder treatment aims to help individuals achieve lasting recovery and fulfilling life beyond eating disorders.

If you were experiencing any side effects of less eating mentioned above then comment below to let us know which one is it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the Physical Signs Of Not Eating Enough?

There are many symptoms of not eating enough which include Dizziness, Constipation, Sleeping issues, Low blood sugar levels, Irritability, Anxiousness, Cravings, Constant Hunger problems, and others.

Is Hair loss a cause of not eating enough?

Yes, it is true that hair loss is one of the causes of not getting a proper diet. The amount and type of food you are eating on a daily basis affect your hair health.

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