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5 Ways Drinking Water Can Help in Weight Loss

If not all, then most of us know that drinking a lot of water is very important for our health. Water helps us provide cushion to the joint parts and maintain body fluid levels, keeping our eyes as well as our mouths moist, regulating body temperatures, and getting rid of stress. Wellness consultants across the globe insist on more water consumption for their clients to achieve weight loss targets. Drinking water is one of the easily forgotten things, but if you knew how it goes all the way to reduce stubborn fats, you would probably look at it in a better dimension. Find out how drinking water helps us reduce weight loss.

Increases our Metabolism

A study carried out in 2014 showed that out of 12 individuals who drank half a liter of water and normal room temperature water encountered an increase in energy usage in their bodies. 2 to 3 % more calories were burnt in the usual 90 minutes following the consumption of water. The research revealed that, by drinking water to lose weight, you burn more calories since water for a moment increases the rate of resting energy expenditure or amount of calories burnt while one is inactive. To enhance water’s calories burning importance, one needs to drink cold water because the body uses calories or energy by heating the water for digestion.

It helps improve your Workout Efficacy

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently reported and published that when your body is dehydrated during workouts, it reduces the body’s weight, helping to achieve weight loss goals. Furthermore, that is the point when your performance lowers. For that reason, it’s important to drink adequate water daily and especially when you’re about to hit the gym, double the amount.

Reduces Stress

Studies have shown that insufficient water in the body leads to higher cortisol levels. Cortisol hormone is a stress hormone that initiates shortness of breath, anxiety, and other weird stress symptoms. Stress might be particularly terrible for weight loss because it could trigger extreme loss of appetite or binge eating creating unhealthy dietary patterns. By remaining hydrated, you keep the cortisol levels in your body low, leaving you more equipped to handle yourself and your day-to-day chores.

Boosts Energy

Water boosts our calories by preventing dehydration. Loss of water in the body leads to fatigue because it interferes with the oxygen flow to the brain. Due to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, your heart beats faster to supply oxygen to other body organs, making you feel less alert and tired. Hydrating your body with enough water doesn’t alter the supply and the flow of oxygen to the entire body organs, keeping you energized.

Reduces appetite

Once our stomach realizes that it’s full, it sends a message to the brain to reduce the hunger rate, and that is when we stop eating. Drinking enough water to reduce weight makes it so that the water occupies the remaining space in the stomach, making you feel that you’re full. This will make your stomach send the “I’m full” message to the brain, reducing the urge to eat and leading to fewer calorie intake because water is naturally calorie-free. Something else, many people mistake the need to drink water for hunger. When you’re hungry, you drink a glass of water before reaching for something to eat to quench your hunger.

Feeling Thirsty Yet?

If you still think that the weight loss benefits of drinking adequate water are just fiction, you have to think again! No doubt that drinking enough water maintains optimum health, with the added bonus being an increase in weight loss. But what you have to ask yourself is how much is enough?

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