Does Jada Pinkett Smith Have Cancer? Get The Answer Here!

Jada Pinkett Smith, an actress who married Will Smith in 1997, has been battling a medical condition known as alopecia, which causes variable degrees of hair loss. In 2018, Jada discussed the diagnosis that she had received. 

Will Smith, an actor in Hollywood, gave the comedian and Oscar presenter Chris Rock a slap on the back of the hand on March 27, 2019, at the 94th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The incident occurred after Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. 

Does Jada Pinkett Smith have cancer?

During the presentation at the Oscars, Rock made a remark about how Jada’s recently shaved head reminded him of Demi Moore’s appearance in the film GI Jane. He expressed his desire to see the actress appear in the film’s sequel. Will Smith stepped up to the stage, confronted the comedian, and gave him a slap because he did not find the joke to be very funny. 

Does Jada Pinkett Smith Have Cancer? 

In 2018, on an episode of the Red Table Talk series, Jada made her first public disclosure of her ailment, noting that coping with it, in the beginning, was “terrifying.”

“At that instance, I thought, oh my God, am I going to be bald? It was one of such occasions in my life when I was literally shivering with fear,” Jada had remarked while discussing her struggles with the condition previously. She also mentioned that the decision to shave her head was not an easy one for her because she believed her hair to be a significant component of her identity. 

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Cancer?: What is Alopecia? 

Alopecia areata is a condition that is defined by the United States Department of Human Services as being a condition that is caused by an immune system’s attack on hair follicles, which results in sudden hair loss in patches. This illness can cause symptoms to manifest in the head and face. 

The shedding of hair occurs in discrete, circular patches that are roughly the size of a quarter. On the other hand, the severity of hair loss and the rate at which it occurs differs from person to person. The majority of persons who have alopecia areata are said to be healthy and exhibit no other symptoms, as stated by the department. 

Other forms of alopecia include alopecia totalis, which causes complete baldness of the scalp, alopecia ophiasis, which affects the occipital, temporal, and parietal regions of the scalp, and alopecia universalis, which affects all of the body’s hair follicles and causes hair loss everywhere. This illness can affect either males or women, but it most commonly affects women. 

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Cancer or Alopecia? 

Even though she has established a reputation for herself, the majority of people know her simply as Will Smith’s wife. Due to the fact that she appears to be in poor health right now, there has been speculation about her medical condition. The fact that Jada Pinkett Smith is currently in good health is a noteworthy development. The fact that she appears to be so ill at the moment has caused her followers to have suspicions about her health.  

Does Jada Pinkett Smith have cancer? The reality about her health is that in 2018, she came forward with the information that she had been diagnosed with alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune illness. She states that despite undergoing a number of medical tests, she has not been able to determine what exactly caused her alopecia, but she believes that it is because of stress.  

She uploaded a video on her Instagram account in December 2021 showing herself with a shorn head and wrote the following caption with it: “I can only laugh at this point. Mama is going to have to shave her head completely bald, all the way down to the scalp,” so that no one suspects that she has undergone brain surgery or something like that.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Does Jada Pinkett Smith Have Cancer? 

The actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who wed Smith in 1997, has battled alopecia, a condition that causes variable degrees of hair loss. In 2018, Jada discussed her diagnosis. 

Why Does Alopecia Happen? 

As alopecia is an autoimmune condition, a person’s own cells are responsible for attacking and shedding hair. Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and thyroid disorders tend to run in families. 


Does Jada Pinkett Smith have cancer? Alopecia, a disorder that causes varying degrees of hair loss, has been a struggle for actress Jada Pinkett Smith since she married Smith in 1997. As of the year 2018, Jada had already opened up about her illness. 

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