Hair Transplant in Turkey – Techniques & Cost

Are you stressed because of your hair as they are falling continuously, and you are having difficulty styling or feeling shy to go out with friends or parties? Now you don’t have to take stress as hair transplant in turkey is getting high appreciation because of their results, Flexibility, cost and highly qualitative treatment.

Well, firstly, we will talk about hair transplant and will try to demonstrate all the things you need to know about hair transplant and what to do to get a highly result-oriented hair transplant

What is Hair Transplant

We will let you know about the PROs of hair transplants in Turkey, but before understanding why a hair transplant is much more important, know the conditions for getting results. The hair loss is a surgical process in which a surgeon gets hair from your donor area to implant on the bald side to cover the bald area with grafts  

Hair Transplant in Turkey

You might be thinking of Why hair transplant in Turkey is so much famous and people from around the globe visit Turkey to get aesthetic surgery and Hair transplant, So there are several numbers of facts when considering Turkey for your hair transplant surgery. One of the most important factors is its low cost as compared to tier 1 countries without compromising on the quality that’s why people from all over the world choose Turkey for their surgeries along with holiday destination

Techniques of Hair Transplant Using in Turkey

There are 2 techniques that are mainly in the use of Hair transplant that is FUE and DHI.

DHI Hair Transplant 

Being conducted without incisions, marks, or stitches makes DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplantation one of the most popular hairs transplantation techniques. The grafts required for hair transplantation are taken out, but the natural hair is not harmed.

FUE Hair Transplant

This is the most used and best technique for hair transplant in the modern era Fue Hair Transplant is a highly advanced, less invasive hair transplant method. Hair follicles in the donor area are removed using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure without the use of sutures and surgical tools measuring between 7 and 9 millimeters. In this manner, a natural outcome at the donor location is also attained following the FUE procedure.

Hiar Transplant clinic In turkey

To get to know better about the best clinic, Yo must know about the history of the clinic and must go through their testimonials and before & after pictures to satisfy your mind that you’re choosing the best institution for your hair and easily decide where you have to go for getting the best hair transplant.

What to ecpect after geeting hair transplant

For getting the best result from your hair transplant, it’s very important to have realistic expectations before and post-surgery care is also as important as getting into the surgery. After all, the hospital and the surgeon surely matters as you have to choose the experienced and well-known surgeon and clinic

Hair transplant cost 

As we talked about before that, the cost is one of the most important factors for getting hair transplants in Turkey and attracts so many Medical tourists to get a hair transplant, but it also varies from person to person and expected grafts, so to get more information, cost and hair transplant in turkey contact us. 

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