Obstetrics and Women’s Healthcare Services

Obstetrics and gynecology encompass many different illnesses of the female reproductive system. Physicians for Women is a healthcare practice offering gynecology and obstetrics services and virtually all areas of women’s health. Dr. Frederic A Melius will assess your health and customize your treatment options to match your treatment needs and preferences.

Preventive obstetrics healthcare

Preventive obstetrics includes multiple aspects of routine healthcare to boost your reproductive health. Your OB/GYN may recommend screenings, health evaluations, and patient counseling to stop illness progression.

Preventive obstetrics care may involve prenatal check-ups to detect early signs of complications. The symptoms are easier to manage in the initial phases of the illness.

Your obstetrician may recommend tests if they detect certain risk factors. They may include:

  • Breast cancer screenings
  • Osteoporosis screenings
  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus) tests

Family planning, birth control, and fertility

Obstetricians recognize the importance of birth control in improving women’s health and social-economic welfare. Hundreds of thousands of maternal deaths occur annually due to pregnancy complications and unsafe abortions. Researchers suggest access to contraceptive services can cut down infant mortality by one-third.

Many birth control options are available without a prescription from your healthcare provider. They include spermicide, patches, condoms, pills, and IUDs (Intrauterine devices).

Why do you need an obstetrician? While you can choose a contraceptive option, your provider can guide you through the numerous alternatives available. Your OB/GYN may run tests to determine the best birth control method for you.  

For example, if you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and intend to conceive, your obstetrician may prescribe IUDs. Hormonal IUDs release progesterone, which mimics the female hormone progesterone.

It can limit the production of the male sex hormone to facilitate conception. A suitable contraceptive may manage PCOS symptoms and increase your chances of pregnancy.

Some birth control methods are not ideal if you have certain health disorders. A vaginal ring may have side effects for smokers and women over 25. That is why an initial evaluation is essential to detect pre-existing conditions and avoid complications.

Endometriosis diagnosis and treatment

Endometriosis is where tissue similar to the tissue in your uterus grows outside the uterine cavity. The condition is usually associated with infertility and may lead to pain and complications like cancer. Endometriosis affects 2 to 10 percent of women between 25 and 40 in America.

The diagnostic process often begins with a physical examination to check for pelvic abnormalities. Your OB/GYN may also use ultrasound to assess reproductive system abnormalities.

The ultrasound can generate images to assist your healthcare specialist to find cysts that could be a sign of endometriosis. An MRI provides high-quality images to assist with surgical planning and implant placement.

Treatment may include hormone medication to slow the growth of endometrial tissue. Your obstetrician may also recommend a minimally-invasive surgical removal of the dental implants.

A laparoscopic procedure involves inserting a viewing instrument through a minute incision near your navel. The surgeon will remove endometrial tissue through another opening. The process reduces scarring and results in shorter recovery times.

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