Taking care: why you should get the flu vaccine in 2023

You know when it’s coming on: the aches, the pains, the runny nose and raspy throat. Then there is the feeling that you need to crash on the couch for at leeeast two or three days before you can hoist yourself up and get back on track to normality after what felt like an eternal illness.

Yep, influenza is a real drag, and something that comes for most of us during the winter period. However, we can take vital steps to limiting – or even alleviating – the risks it poses to our health, one of which is receiving the all-important influenza vaccination!

And, yes, we get it: you’re so done with hearing about vaccinations, and we are too: but just hear us out a little more – it’s imperative for your health:

  • Vaccinations (obviously) keep influenza at bay

If you’re one of the human population who hates influenza then why not take strides to reduce its risk through the Afluria Quad flu vaccine? Studies indicate that being vaccinated reduces the chances of going to the doctor for influenza by 40-60 percent, meaning you can fight influenza as it attempts nothing more than to be the ruin of your body and mind for up to a week.

So, if you can ward off the dreaded winter sickness, why wouldn’t you?!

  • It reduces the chances of being hospitalised

You may not have experienced it, but other people: influenza can most certainly hospitalise you. You can be well sure that if influenza hospitalises you then it is a very serious case, but unfortunately thousands of Australians end up in the hospital each year with this dreaded illness.

Thankfully, being vaccinated can greatly reduce the chances of having to be hospitalised, and can possibly ensure that you can pass these unpleasant days spread out in bed or on the couch, relaxing to your favourite comedy.

  • It can help people with pre-existing conditions

Influenza can be quite dangerous for people suffering from conditions like heart and lung disease as well as diabetes. Therefore, it’s important to take measures to ensure you can fight these risks in their tracks. Being vaccinated can ward off the risks of complications due to pre-existing conditions and influenza.

  • It can help with pregnancy

Having influenza when pregnant can be dangerous for pregnant women and their babies, and even healthy mothers can succumb heavily to influenza’s pitfalls. Thankfully, being vaccinated halves the chances of influenza-associated acute respiratory infection.

  • It protects those around you!

As you can see, being vaccinated comes with a range of health benefits that can fight off this nasty disease even in the high-risk times of year. Given that there are so many health benefits for you, it’s only natural that it reduces the risk of you spreading it to your family, friends and your workmates.

After all, who wants to be known as that colleague who started that winter influenza outbreak, effectively putting half the workplace out for a week – your boss won’t be singing your productivity praises after that!

With this in mind, why not add another level of protection this year by receiving an influenza vaccination? It can go a long way to stopping you from catching it in the first place, and can also protect you from experiencing more severe symptoms as the condition continues.

It’s for these reasons that it’s a great idea to receive the vaccination this year and in the years to come!

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