Tummy Tuck Turkey

Men and women who have extra body fat, complain of drooping abdomen skin, and do not react to diet or belly exercise are the top qualified for tummy tuck Turkey surgery.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

The ideal candidates for tummy tuck Turkey cost operation are healthy individuals with extra fat and muscle in the lower abdomen.

What Is The Cost Of Tummy Tuck In Turkey?

Under general anesthesia, the procedure for a tummy tuck takes two to three hours.

What To Think About Before Having A Tummy Tuck?

After consultation with a skilled physician, you can determine when tummy tuck surgery is the best option. 

Am I Suitable For Tummy Tuck?

Your doctor might not advise this surgery if you’ve had surgery in the past besides a C-section because it could put you at risk for surgical treatment.

Who Can Have A Tummy Tuck & Why?

Patients who intend to reduce a significant amount of weight should delay surgery. Women who expect to get pregnant in the future may also postpone this procedure until after pregnancy.

How Best To Prepare For A Tummy Tuck?

Depending on the improvement you wish to see, there are various techniques to do a tummy tuck operation. The surgeon will require you to maintain a steady weight for at least a year.

What Is The Procedure For A Tummy Tuck In Turkey?

The upper abdominal skin is drawn down like a window shadow. The extra skin is cut off, and the surviving skin is stitched together. Pushing the navel to the surface, then stitching it.

Book A Free Consultation With Our Patient Consultants

Book A Free Consultation With Our Patient Consultants

You can ask all your questions about the process and what you want to learn by consulting us. We will be with you so you can spend the whole process healthily and comfortably.

Recovery & Results Of Tummy Tuck

Planning your treatment will ensure that you have adequate time to recover from some daily tasks and heal afterward. 

Aftercare Of Tummy Tuck

Forty-eight hours after removing the sewer pipe, you can take a shower. Take a bath even if you are unable to take a shower. 

Side Effects To Expect After Tummy Tuck

The following are potential dangers connected with having a tummy tuck Turkey a tissue’s degeneration or death, changes to skin feeling, and fluid formation deep within the skin.

What Could Go Wrong After A Tummy Tuck?

You can stop smoking to lessen or get rid of the risk. Smoking decreases blood flow to the area, which can delay healing. Smoking also raises the chance of tissue damage.

What To Do If You Have Problems After Tummy Tuck In Turkey?

You’ll discover how to empty and clean drains. You may need to take family medicine and anticoagulants while your drip is plugged in.

Alternatives To Tummy Tuck

Laser liposuction is the non-surgical tummy tuck technique that is used and known the most—Radiofrequency abdominal tightening. 

Other Procedures To Have With Tummy Tuck In Turkey

A non-surgical procedure called a laser tummy tuck can eliminate extra fat, tighten muscles, and straighten the abdomen. 

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