Why Should You Consider Concierge Medicine?

Nothing can be frustrating, like having a health concern that requires specialized attention, and you have no easier access to your doctor. Such a case can even deteriorate your health or worsen your symptoms. However, this shouldn’t worry you any further since peachtree corners concierge medicine allows you to enjoy personalized medical attention each time you need it.

Regardless of your career, life seems constantly busy, which can deny you sufficient time to talk to your doctor about your health. Fortunately, concierge medicine is a relatively new approach aiming to improve and enhance doctor-patient relationships.

Understanding concierge medicine

Concierge medicine is the approach that is typically based on the idea of restoring the doctor-patient relationship, thus establishing ease in open communication and medical accessibility. Typically, patients have to pay a monthly or annual fee to access medical care from their physicians. However, concierge medicine means you can communicate with your doctor whenever needed, get an appointment anytime, and enjoy adequate time to address your health concerns. Here is why you should consider concierge medicine over conventional doctor’s visits.

1. Better patient-physician relationship

This health service facilitates the development of a personal bond with your doctor. Having direct access to your concierge doctor means you two can develop a trusting relationship which goes a long way in preventive care and treatment options whenever necessary. This will also help improve your overall well-being since you can constantly access recommendations from your physician anytime.

2. Minimal wait time to schedule an appointment

Because many people seek medical help daily, it becomes hectic to see a physician physically. The lost time trying to connect to your doctor in person can deteriorate your condition and affect the treatment you should receive.

Nevertheless, since concierge medicine limits the number of people they accept, they have optimal control over their availability. Developing trust and a better relationship with your physician through concierge medicine assures access to same-day treatments and medical care appointments.

3. Immediate access

In emergencies like heart attack and stroke, there is a higher possibility something is wrong and immediate medical care is needed. Also, health conditions that cause vague or common symptoms necessitate close medical attention. However, with concierge medicine, you’re guaranteed 24/7 direct access to your doctor, thus eradicating any barricade that can result in any delays that can worsen your situation. In case of any medical emergencies, concierge medicine ensures your help is just a call away.

4. Preventive care

Spending more time with your concierge doctors allows them to dive deeper into your health history and can identify any risk factors that can worsen your health. Furthermore, they can detect factors like, sleep, stress,  diet and exercise, and genetic information that can impact your well-being. They can also see early signs of any health condition and provide you with treatments to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

5. A holistic range of care

Concierge medicine practices are well-equipped with professionals and equipment that provide better results. This allows you to get accurate diagnostic testing results, and your physician can advise you on the right treatments for your relief.

Concierge medicine is your best option if you want to safeguard your overall well-being for the better. This approach offers incredible benefits over conventional medicine and allows you to receive effective solutions tailored to your needs.

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