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Ballerina Tea: What are its Benefits and Ingredients?

Are you one of those who have been searching the tea section at their local supermarkets lately? Do you still find yourself unable to select from a wide variety of tea types available?

Allow us to make this task less complicated for you! You must have come across many different tea varieties, but less us enlighten you with Ballerina Tea in this article.

This interesting tea product has indeed taken over the internet due to its close association with weight loss along with some other health benefits.

As the name suggests, this tea product can help one maintain a slim and stable physique, similar to that of a ballerina. However, recent research supports the authenticity of only some of its health benefits which have been explained below for you.

What Is Ballerina Tea? 

What Is Ballerina Tea? 

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Without unwanted delay, let’s come to the main reason why most of you are here; what is Ballerina Tea? The foremost thing you need to learn about this tea product is that it doesn’t involve anything close to a traditional tea in terms of shape and form. It is indeed a game-changer for aiding weight loss, boosting energy levels, and helping relieve constipation.

As the name suggests, 3 Ballerina Tea is a herbal tea blend that includes two main herbal components: senna and Chinese mallow. In addition, it comprises several flavoring ingredients, including cinnamon and lemon.

Can it Support Weight Loss? 

Can it Support Weight Loss? 

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Ballerina Tea has been marked as a great way to facilitate weight loss by many health experts. Now, you might be assuming, how is it possible to lose weight just by using a tea product, right? Its ingredients have laxative effects that force your body to excrete excess fluids and get rid of water weight.

Most people drink 3 Ballerina Tea just because of its weight loss benefits. That being said, it would be soundest to know that senna and Chinese mallow do not directly initiate fat metabolism. This supports the idea that you might gain the lost body weight once you rehydrate, as the loss is mainly due to water deficiency.

Antioxidant Properties 

Antioxidants are valuable compounds that prevent cellular damage and play a vital role in the body’s defense. Ballerina contains well-known antioxidants, mostly Flavonoids that are commonly found in plants. Both senna and Chinese mallow contain significant amounts of these antioxidants, providing antioxidant protection.

Flavonoids provide protection against cellular damage and may also reduce the risk of several fatal chronic diseases. In fact, many recent studies have revealed that higher Flavonoid intake dramatically reduces the risk of death from heart diseases.

Digestion and Osmotic Effect  

As far as the long-lasting benefits of this beneficial tea product are concerned, you should know that it is traditionally used for its laxative effects, which are executed through two prime mechanisms.

The first significant benefit of Ballerina Tea is its role in speeding digestion which is achieved by promoting contractions that support the movement of one’s intestinal contents onward.

Secondly, this tea product has also been known to create an osmotic effect. The release of essential electrolytes into your colon enhances the flow of water, which ultimately makes the stool soft. The active compounds in senna and Chinese mallow are water-soluble, which is why consumers opt for this form of tea.

Fighting Constipation 

The laxative qualities of Ballerina tea, which are primarily due to its senna composition, make it an approachable, natural remedy for constipation.

Chronic constipation compromises the quality of life and can lead to severe complications, so it must be treated effectively. It has been reported that consuming high senna content every other day may lower defecation difficulties to a great extent.

On the other hand, research also supports the idea that long-term usage of senna without proper guidance may cause unwanted side effects such as diarrhea and electrolyte imbalances. However, Ballerina Tea contains a low senna concentration compared to many other supplements, so it’s unclear whether this tea would have the same impact on constipation.

Side Effects 

Before consuming any tea product, you must be well aware of its possible side effects. For some people, consuming Ballerina Tea may trigger abdominal cramps or lead to unwanted complications such as diarrhea and dehydration.

Moreover, long-term use of Ballerina may also lead to increased toxicity in the liver and kidneys. So, it’s advisable to consult a health professional before consuming this tea product.



Source: Femina.in

Chinese mallow and senna are the main ingredients of Ballerina. This caffeine-free tea product may lower blood sugar levels and help relieve constipation.

Thus, concludingly, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that although Ballerina Tea supports weight loss, its laxative effects are beneficial for the short-term only as the weight loss you witness is due to water dropping and not fat burning!

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