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Health Benefits of Fried Chicken Tender Calories

Are you a chicken lover who’s always looking for exciting new recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied at all times? If that’s the case, this article may prove to be of great benefit to you as we will introduce a stimulating chicken variety for you here.

Fried chicken tenders, also known as chicken strips, chicken goujons, or chicken fingers, are usually prepared using a chicken breast. Such food items are generally found in the frozen food departments of grocery stores or on fast-food menus.

Fried chicken tender calories may be prepared using rib meat or boneless chicken. However, the chicken is breaded with seasoning prior to frying in most cases. In order to learn more about this delicious food item, feel free to read below!

Nutritional Facts

 Nutritional Facts


Generally, chicken tender calories fried are rich in Sodium as a single serving contains around 1400mg of Sodium. That being said, daily consumption of 2300mg Sodium is considered to be safe by most health experts.

Apart from that, a single serving (184g) of fast-food chicken tenders contains approximately 500 calories, with 25g Fat, 32g Carbohydrates, 35g Protein, 2g Fiber, 1400mg Sodium, and sugar in negligible quantity.

Health Benefits 

One of the most demanding questions on the internet is whether fried chicken products are healthy? While most chicken items come with remarkable health benefits, you may need to balance their consumption with some drawbacks, especially while ingesting poultry products.

At the same time, fried chicken tender calories cooked from pure chicken meat offer exceptionally substantial health benefits. Some of them have been described below for your consideration.

Building Muscle Mass 

The protein content present in the chicken assists one’s body in building and maintaining significant muscle mass. Chicken tender calories fried contain essential amino acids utilized by our bodies to repair tissues and retain muscles. So, such chicken products are ideal for those looking forward to participating in a strength training program.

Retaining apparent muscle mass can have significant evident advantages, the most prominent of which is having a lean, strong, and bold appearance.

Strong muscles also help you move swiftly through daily activities. You should know that muscle mass and strength loss are closely associated with protein consumption. Fried chicken tenders are, no doubt, one of the best sources of quality protein.

Fighting Against Protein Deficiency 

Fighting Against Protein Deficiency 


Unquestionably, protein deficiency has become very common in many parts of the world. In fact, it has been reported to be the leading cause of death worldwide, especially in children under the age of 5. At the same time, surgery, trauma, eating disorders, and some other medical problems, including AIDS, cancer, and gastrointestinal complications, may also lead to indirect protein deficiency.

In order to fight against protein deficiency, consuming fried chicken tenders, even with the fat content, can fulfill the much-needed macronutrient insufficiency in most people.

Boosting Weight Loss 

Consuming protein products such as fried chicken tender calories help maintain low appetites, ultimately reducing food cravings and the chances of overeating. This has been proved from an overweight study on men, which revealed that enhanced protein intake helps maintain appetite control and safety.

From a different perspective, fried chicken tenders contain high calories, especially when consumed with a dipping sauce. Most of these calories constitute fat. This supports the idea that they may not be an ideal protein intake choice for someone on a weight loss journey. Considering how many calories you should consume per meal to lose weight is crucial for effective dietary management.

Strengthening Bones 

Several searches have revealed that protein products, when consumed with calcium, can help protect bones. So, it would be soundest if you consumed sufficient protein daily to keep your bones healthy and strong. That being said, why not choose fried chicken tender calories to maintain your protein intake instead of going for plant-based protein sources?

Allergies and Side Effects 

According to most professional medical emergencies, consuming excessive chicken products can induce severe allergies in some people. With chicken consumption on the surge, researchers are still on the way to exploring how these allergies can affect the human body in the long run.

However, some earlier studies have revealed that the allergies may be in the form of abdominal cramping, chest tightness, or troubled breathing.

On the other hand, those monitoring their salt intake should also remain careful while consuming fried chicken tender calories as they contain a significant portion of Sodium with each serving. Even those sensitive to salt intake may experience short-term bloating after consuming such eatables.

The Bottom Line 

The Bottom Line 


The available varieties of chicken products provide essential nutrients that may help one design a healthy diet and follow a fit and wholesome lifestyle. Fried foods usually contain elevated amounts of fat and Sodium. So, if you choose fried chicken tenders for a quick snack or meal, it would be beneficial to keep the serving size in mind!

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