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Double Chin Liposuction: What Are its Pros and Cons?

When it comes to having an aesthetic appearance, who doesn’t want to roll every dice they can to turn the odds in their favor? Although different people may have different aesthetic approaches, plastic surgery has become very common nowadays, especially for fat removal purposes.  

Are you one of those who’re tired of having a double chin and wish to get rid of it? In that case, a chin liposuction surgery might suit you best. For individuals with a double chin, plastic surgeons usually recommend neck lift surgery, neck liposuction, or a combination of both. 

To be precise, it should be cited that there’s no specific surgery for a double chin. Instead, most surgeons advocate for a combination of approaches to remove excessive chin fat and create a much defined, firmer neck and chin area.  

What is a Double Chin Liposuction? 

What is a Double Chin Liposuction? 

Source: Pacificdermcenter.com

When talking about skin aging, the chin is one of the very first places to show age, while for some people, fat is likely to accumulate under the neck. This accumulated fat and loosened skin can significantly impact one’s facial profile and overall jaw appearance.  

Chin liposuction is one of the commonly used procedures nowadays for eliminating excess fat from under the skin. In addition, a submentoplasty surgery is normally combined with skin rejuvenating surgery to tighten the loosened muscles.

However, concerning the skin conditions, some people may also have to go through a neck lift for eliminating the neck fat or tightening the skin muscles to achieve a countered appearance after chin surgery.  

Chin Liposuction Cost 

As mentioned above, the chin liposuction cost primarily depends on the selected surgical approach by your medical professional. However, typically articulating, the average cost of a chin surgery ranges from $3000 to $4500.  

Chin surgeries are less time-consuming and invasive as compared to a neck lift. Most practitioners charge for a chin surgery based on the following factors.  

  • Instrument and Medication Fee 
  • Anesthesia Fee 
  • Surgeon’s Time 
  • Fee for Facility and Staff Maintenance 

Working of a Skin Surgery 

Chin liposuctions work by sticking a small tube, called the cannula, into the chin in various areas. With the aid of gentle suctions, small calculated amounts of fat are eliminated from each area. This results in a much smoother and defined profile with a limited amount of fat under the chin.  

On the other hand, a submentoplasty, which may be recommended with liposuction, works by making minute incisions under the chin. At the same time, a neck lift involves making incisions behind the ear or underneath the chin. All these procedures are implemented very cautiously to remove extra skin fat and tighten the neck muscles.  

Procedure for a Chin Liposuction 

Procedure for a Chin Liposuction 

Source: Centeraesthetic.com

Some basic steps involved in chin surgery have been mentioned below for your consideration. 

  • Your medical practitioner will first examine your skin type near the chin and neck area and mark the right areas for inserting cannulas.  
  • The skin is then disinfected using an antiseptic solution for reducing infection risks.  
  • The practitioner will then deliver medications for sedation or administer local anaesthesia into the skin.  
  • After that, they’ll make several minute incisions in the skin, just big enough to insert the liposuction cannula.  
  • The most crucial step is introducing the liposuction cannula and using a fanning motion to remove the extra fat. Your surgeon will pay tight attention to the amount of fat removed from each area to ensure a well-balanced and smooth facial appearance.  
  • Lastly, bandaging is applied as per the needs. Normally, this involves adhering to a specially designed chin strap for supporting the skin while it recovers.  

Pros of a Chin Liposuction 

  • Skin lipo is considered one of the most influential and quickest ways to get rid of a double chin.  
  • The applied procedure is pain-free and requires only 15 minutes to complete. 
  • If you can maintain a constant weight, chin surgeries provide long-lasting results.  

Cons of a Chin Liposuction 

  • As chin lipo is a form of plastic surgery, it may lead to several potential complications or temporary numbness.  
  • You’ll need to rest for at least 3 to 5 days after successful chin surgery.  


We hope that we’re able to make everything clear for you regarding chin liposuctions and their associated procedures. All these procedures can quickly limit the appearance of a double chin.  

However, you might not be an ideal candidate for a submentoplasty or chin liposuction if your skin isn’t very elastic or has a saggy or dropping appearance. In such a case, a doctor will probably recommend you a neck lift. 

At the same time, it is imperative to consult a certified medical professional before you decide to go through any particular skin procedure. 

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