Epic EMR vs Cerner EMR – Top EMR of the Year!

Epic provides the basic set of EHR functions, and practices may add specialty-specific modules. It places a significant emphasis on patient involvement and remote care facilitation. Epic EMR iOS, and several telehealth alternatives, including support for video visits, post-surgical follow-ups, and patient monitoring capabilities.

Cerner is a cloud-based EHR software used by healthcare companies of all sizes and specializations to simplify operations and deliver better treatment. Charting, documentation, revenue management, and health analytics are provided. These features enable accurate diagnosis and up-to-date patient information.

Epic EMR Features:

Improved Patient Experience:

Epic’s MyChart provides patients with easy access to their personal and family health information. They may send messages to their physicians, participate in e-visits, fill out surveys, and arrange appointments to be more active in their health management. MyChart ‘Bedside’ allows hospitalized patients to communicate with their care team, see their schedule, receive individualized patient education resources, and request assistance.

Clinical Care:

Screens, processes, and specialized apps are quick, adaptable, and customizable. Predictive analytics and integrated decision support systems are aided by clinical practice to provide improved results. Everyday tasks are simplified to increase productivity. Mobile applications keep you connected at all times. Healthcare practitioners recommend the best acute and ambulatory EMR for physician productivity and efficacy.

Revenue Cycle Management:

With paperless billing, online bill pays, self-service payment plans, trustworthy prepayments based on estimations, financial aid, and more, you can expedite patient payments and save up staff time. To simplify and enhance the patient’s financial experience, hospital, physician, and post-acute bills should be consolidated into a single statement. Automate revenue and coding from clinical activities to decrease administrative costs, prevent missed charges, shorten A/R days, and boost overall income.

Patient Flow:

Dashboards give situational awareness via real-time data and predictive analytics, making information visible and actionable for the whole business. For efficient allocation, bed requests generated by physicians’ orders, the surgical schedule, and prediction algorithms are displayed beside the bed board. The ‘Bed Huddle’ dashboard provides a straightforward summary of bed availability and demand. So that patients do not have to wait for treatment, organization-specific standards guarantee that intake requests are processed effectively.

Epic EMR Pricing:

There is no information available about Epic EMR pricing on the official vendor profile. However, you can request a customized quote by contacting the sales team. 

Epic EMR Demo:

The Epic EMR demo is also available for interested users who want to learn about its capabilities and functions.

Epic EMR Reviews:

In lieu of the Epic EMR reviews, it shows that the Epic software is an excellent tool for practice management. It has a simple interface, and its functionality makes it accessible to everyone.

Cerner EMR Features:

Patient Involvement Tools:

Evaluations of the Cerner EMR reveal that the software has options that promote patient participation. Patients have the right to be more engaged in their treatment, and Cerner’s software facilitates this through a patient portal.

Patients may utilize the cloud-based interface to have secure discussions with their physicians, book appointments, see their health records, request medicine refills, and transmit vital files or data to providers. You may also use the website to provide educational and awareness materials that medical professionals may use to educate patients about medical issues.

Cerner EMR:

The clinical excellence documentation tool from Cerner is intended to enable patient data and sensitive information input. As the computer can convert audio narration to text, Cerner EHR, for example, enables you to take notes through audio narration. This significantly streamlines and simplifies the collection of patient information.


Interoperability is a distinguishing characteristic of EHR systems when connecting healthcare facilities to deliver efficient and seamless patient care. Cerner provides clinicians with access to the most current changes to health data.

With the data obtained from your EHR, you may spend less time assessing the most current medical data and more time providing patients with the highest quality treatment. This will allow you to make better-informed selections in each particular situation.

The Common Well Alliance and Cerner EHR software may be merged to provide interoperability with a national network of healthcare institutions. According to users, this technology allows you to identify patients between referrals and tracking records, even if the service was not provided at your clinic.

Health Analytics:

Provides insights to aid in the enhancement of clinical, financial, and population health plans, hence facilitating the identification of long-term and daily operational improvement possibilities.

Patient Portal:

To deepen their knowledge, patients may exchange messages, obtain refills, examine clinical information, and access evidence-based material on over 3,000 subjects.

Cerner EMR Pricing:

The information for the Cerner EMR pricing is not accessible on the Internet, but you may get an estimate by contacting the sales staff.

Cerner EMR Demo:

You may book a demonstration of the Cerner EMR via the official vendor profile for further information and inquiries.

Cerner EMR Reviews:

Most Cerner EMR evaluations indicate that it is a decent practice management tool. It may also increase patient engagement and improve healthcare care.

Concluding Remarks:

Epic is a cloud-based EHR system that caters to various medical specializations. Many use Epic practices, including community hospitals, independent clinics, multispecialty hospital groups, and hospice care providers. Cerner offers a portfolio of technologies to assist healthcare institutions in delivering excellent patient care and increasing ROI. Cerner ‘PowerChart’ simplifies evaluating a patient’s clinical information, hence streamlining patient visits. Cerner Millennium delivers an enterprise-wide view of patient care for more prominent hospitals and clinics with numerous specializations.

It is reasonable to conclude that Epic and Cerner provide practitioners with comparable options. Each supports distinct skills and may be utilized to do routine tasks. However, when it comes to making the ultimate decision, you should base your decision on your needs. Because each vendor provides a tailored estimate, the price cannot be a deciding factor. The demonstrations may aid in decision-making.

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