When to Hire a Long-Term Disability Claims Lawyer in the US?

If you have long-term disability (LTD) insurance and are injured or unwell and unable to work, you might believe that you will automatically receive disability benefits. Nevertheless, convincing the insurance provider to accept your long-term disability claim might be very difficult.

Long-term disability insurance providers are not impartial, in contrast to a disability claim with the federal government (Social Security disability). The outcome of your claim is important to LTD insurers because the fewer disability claims they approve, the more money the insurance company can make. Thus, it is advisable to get in touch with a nationwide long term disability claims lawyer with years of experience.

Is there a deadline for filing a claim if it is denied?

Yes. You typically only have 180 days after a denial to seek an appeal, and it is crucial that the documentation be filled out and submitted. Call a lawyer as soon as possible if you’ve been rejected.

The appeals process gives claimants one more chance to compile an extensive administrative record in an ERISA (or group) claim.  Even if it would otherwise be conclusive, crucial information that is left out of this record cannot be taken into account later.

The injury led you to do another kind of job or work fewer hours:

Even if you can only work part-time and for fewer hours, the insurance company may use this as justification to reject your claim. However, you would usually still be entitled to long-term disability compensation. Call a personal injury lawyer beforehand if you’re thinking of returning to the workforce to ensure that your decision won’t jeopardize your benefits.

What can a lawyer do for you?

First and foremost, your lawyer will ensure that your paperwork is accurate and organized, including any relevant medical records, employment records, application forms, etc. After that, they’ll strive to get the insurance company’s justifications for delaying or rejecting the claim overturned and ensure that all ERISA regulations are followed so that your claim is not denied.

Most disputes can be settled out of court; but, if a trial is necessary, your injury lawyer will represent you there. In conclusion, your attorney will make every effort to ensure that you receive the disability benefits you require.

Final thoughts:

You should hire a long-term disability attorney to defend your interests because the insurance company is only concerned with protecting its own, particularly if the LTD company initially rejects your claim.

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