Laxogenin: Benefits, Side Effects, Usage Dosage, and More

Who does not wish to enhance their muscle growth and have an aesthetic appearance in the current era? When it comes to encouraging muscle mass and performance, only a few products stand out. One of such products is Laxogenin, which has proved to be one of the most effective natural plant-based muscle builders.  

Many modern athletes and bodybuilders have started using this supplement to promote muscle building and enhance results. However, is it safe to use for the long term? How does it actually work? Are there any notable side effects related to it? Here’s all you ought to know concerning this muscle-enhancing supplement! 

About 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin 

5a hydroxy laxogenin


Laxogenin is a primary chemical found in plants. For them, it functions by stimulating plant growth and development. As for humans, particularly the ones who wish to accelerate their muscle growth while still losing fat, it is sold as an effective medicine.  

This plant-based anabolic is primarily available in tablets, so it can be consumed by mouth to facilitate strength training or muscle building.  

Plant-Based Anabolics 

Laxogenin belongs to the class of plant-based hormones, namely brasinosteroids, that are similar to animal-based steroid hormones. Besides being used as a muscle-toning supplement, this anabolic can also be obtained from Chinese onion bulbs.  

This anabolic can also be produced from a well-known plant steroid, diosgenin. That being said, diosgenin is utilized as a raw material for more than 50% of synthetic steroids, including cortisone, progesterone, and testosterone.  

Despite being prescribed as natural, most supplements do not contain this anabolic. They, instead, have its synthetic derivative, known as laxosterone. In fact, an analysis revealed that laxosterone is derived chiefly from synthetic laxogenin.  

Some Well-Known Benefits 

5a hydroxy laxogenin


5a Hydroxy Laxogenin is usually advertised to promote muscle mass growth, stimulate recovery, enhance physical performance, burn unwanted fat stores, and lower cortisol levels significantly.

However, unlike typical muscle-enhancing steroids, it cannot be exactly prescribed as a steroid or prohormone. This means that it does not necessarily increase the male sex hormone testosterone production or raise the chances of increased estrogen levels. Whatsoever, there is not any reliable medical evidence or experimental results to support this context.  

Furthermore, the evidence supporting this anabolic’s benefits is insufficient, as described by numerous sports nutritionists. Therefore, without having proof from an authentic source, this anabolic lies somewhere in the gray area, I.e., not being prescribed as either dangerous or safe.  

Proponents of Using this Anabolic 

  • This anabolic does have a considerable number of approving reviews on the internet.  
  • Compared to other prohormones and steroids, this anabolic is considered to have fewer side effects.  
  • One can also stack it in addition to other sports-related supplements.  
  • It is also being used for reducing the propagation of cancer, tissue damage, and diabetes.  

Consequences of Using this Anabolic 

  • Till now, no clinical trials or experimental researches are available for this anabolic. All we have is a limited number of animal and cell studies.  
  • It has an incompetent safety profile which suggests the probability of many unknown potent side effects. 
  • This synthetically produced supplement has insufficient evidence for any sort of medical use.  
  • It may contain untested or low-quality ingredients.  

Commonly Preferred Dosage for this Anabolic

 5a hydroxy laxogenin


The recommended dose for this body building supplement usually is 100mg per day for a 4-to-12-week cycle, followed by an off-cycle phase of 4 weeks. However, some consumers claim that cutting off for four weeks is not that critical.  

At the same time, Laxogenin can also be used by safely stacking it with other nutrition supplements. With that said, some users prefer using it alongside PCT, while others use it to enhance muscle mass during their off-cycle periods.  

Possible Side Effects 

The most common side effects of such anabolic supplements are kidney disorders or complicated stomach issues. If consumed in significantly larger doses, they may also cause headaches, diarrhea, excessive urine, or a shock.  

Due to the specified risk of kidney damage, people with kidney issues should avoid taking such anabolics. One should comprehend that although this supplement was proved to be safe in numerous animal studies, its safety for human use has not been verified yet.  

In short, the point regarding side effects is that even if this supplement has worked well for a lot of people, this does not assure that it will be beneficial for everyone. This is the reason why it is always suggested to take the experts’ guidance before the intake of any such product. You may want to check this to understand how you can get the professionals’ advice easily online from the comforts of your home through the best digital healthcare platforms.

Final Verdict 

Laxogenin is a natural steroid primarily obtained from plants. Many supplements contain its substitute derivative, 5a-hydroxy laxogenin, or other untested contaminants. 

However, according to consumer reviews, it promotes muscle growth and fat burning without any visible side effects. It was reported to be safe in animal studies, but no clinical experiments have tested it yet.  

Based on limited research, it might also prevent cancer and reduce blood sugar levels

Although many consumers praise this anabolic for its incredible muscle-building effects, some have complained about headaches at higher doses. 

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