SARMS – An Overview and Uses in Bodybuilding

Steroids have a bad rep in the world of bodybuilding and fitness because people think they have severe side effects. This is, however, nothing more than a myth. They come with abundant benefits as well.

However, keeping the are steroids good or bad debate aside, there is another name that’s gaining popularity among bodybuilders. We are talking about SARMS here. It’s a popular class of PEDs that can be used as an alternative to anabolic steroids. They are believed to mimic steroids with relatively milder side effects.

What Are SARMS?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) are anabolic drugs commonly used by bodybuilders to enhance muscle hypertrophy, recovery, and fat loss. Compared to steroids, SARMS are one of the latest inventions in PEDs. 

These were developed to act as a better alternative to steroids by producing similar results and minimizing side effects.

How do SARMS Work?

As the name implies, SARMS target the androgen receptors of your body selectively. The key difference between SARMS and Steroids is that Steroids attach themselves to every androgen receptor in the body, whereas SARMS only do as much is necessary. 

SARMS travel to the skeletal muscle cells through the bloodstream and makes its ways into the nuclei by attaching themselves to the androgen receptors. From there on, it invokes increased protein synthesis, consequently increasing muscle.

Benefits of SARMS

To push your muscle hypertrophy past its natural limit, you must incorporate PEDs into your fitness routines. SARMS can significantly increase your gains and show rapid progress. There are many advantages you get from consuming SARMS alongside effective muscle training.

Muscle Hypertrophy

SARMS bind to your androgen receptors and stimulate protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the process of synthesizing protein into muscle mass. You damage your muscle by creating microtears in the muscle fibers when you work out. 

Muscle hypertrophy involves repairing the muscle through protein synthesis, ultimately increasing the muscle size. SARMS boost your hypertrophy significantly, therefore, producing stronger and bigger gains.

Fat Loss

Lipolysis is the process of your body converting fat into energy. A main goal of bodybuilders is to burn off excess fats to accentuate their muscles and improve the overall aesthetic of the body. 

SARMS help you to achieve this by not only building more muscle which consumes more energy but also increases the rate of lipolysis. Moreover, it improves muscle tone allowing you to lean bulk effectively.


SARMS don’t require injections to be introduced to your system, making it easy and comfortable to consume them. Injectable PEDs have a lot of intricacies tied to them. You need to be knowledgeable and careful enough to avoid fatal mistakes. Moreover, SARMS saves you from the pain of needles.

Comparing Steroids and SARMS

Steroids vs. SARMS is a very common debate. These two classes of PEDs are used to achieve similar results through similar methods. Both work by entering the cell through androgen receptors, the primary difference being that SARMS selectively target the said receptors. In the context of performance, they differ considerably.

For Muscle Gain

Both pre workout supplements and SARMS are amazing PEDs that significantly increase your muscle size and strength. However, regarding effectiveness, steroids are far ahead on that account. SARMS can only produce a fraction of the gains anabolic steroids can so.

Side Effects

The main selling point of SARMS is its milder side effects. However, any form of miscalculation in your dosage can prove to be detrimental. Regarding your overall health heart, steroids, and SARMS are more or less the same threat due to oral consumption. However, injectable steroids are an exception. SARMS also puts your liver under strain, similar to oral steroids.

PCT is crucial after SARM cycles as well. Your body will experience a degree of testosterone suppression and an increase in estrogen. To counter these effects opt for effective PCT during off-cycle periods.


Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are PEDs that invoke muscle growth by selectively targeting your androgen receptors. Like steroids, SARMS stimulate faster protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and fat loss. Compared to anabolic steroids, SARMS are weaker for gaining muscle but make up for it by being much safer. However, proper precautions should be exercised as it has its share of side effects, and PCT should be implemented after each cycle. Having said that, you must buy them from credible sources to get effective results. The same goes for anabolic steroids. You can find the best natural steroids at UGFreak at discounted rates.

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