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Porcelain Veneers are Becoming the Face of Cosmetic Dentistry – Decoding the Reasons

Over the past few years, cosmetic dentistry and dental veneers have been walking hand in hand. This practice got popularized by Hollywood stars and celebrities for the love of a healthy, sparking, and charming smile. 

Are you considering your chances to get a dental veneer? If yes, chances are you have researched about the materials and have come across porcelain and resin veneers. It could be that you are finding it challenging to decide which one is better. This article is here to help should you get confused. Over the past few years, porcelain veneers have been gaining prominence for various reasons, and you will make an intelligent decision if you say yes to it. 

Understanding the dental veneers

Irrespective of the material, the dental veneers have developed a façade for the tooth, which can get worn, chipped, stained, or cracked. The dental veneers are ideal for the front teeth. It helps to enhance the appearance and offer structural strength as well. For installing the same, the dentist will shave off the tooth’s thin layer of natural enamel. It creates a surface for the veneer to get used. There is a coating of resin to back the veneer. 

Even though veneers are considered to be durable, at times they can become slightly fragile. But you can also get a dental change with cosmetic dentistry, and you can reap the best advantages. To learn more about it, you can check out Dr. Roland Pagniano Jr.

The resin veneers

If money is a constraint, you can opt-in for this veneer. Simply put, resin uses a composite material that securely and effectively corrects the tooth structure and shape. Even though it will cost you less compared to the porcelain veneers, it also has its own benefits. 

The porcelain veneers

When you research about the porcelain veneers, you will find that it comes at a high cost. These veneers are durable and can correct the appearance of the teeth. Even though the material varies, the process stays similar. The dentist will scrape off a part of the enamel to place the veneer correctly. 

Most people are slightly taken aback by the cost of the porcelain veneers. But once you note down the benefits, you will understand that the cost gets justified. Some of the inherent benefits are:

  • The porcelain veneers will hold the color much better compared to resin. This material can get stained when you drink dark liquids or smoke excessively. But it will take some time before there are any signs. 
  • The porcelain veneers can stand the test of time. It will last for as long as possible and sometimes beyond 15 years. However, you need to maintain it to take care of it. 

Finally, no one should use porcelain veneers for biting hard surfaces. Having said that, it provides better security from chips and cavities compared to resin veneers. Hence, most people are graduating towards the porcelain veneers to get their pair of attractive teeth whitening and smile.

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