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Restore Your Tooth Through Root Canal Therapy – The Relevant Factors to Keep in Mind

Everyone wants a pair of dazzling and healthy teeth. They want their smile to be attractive and impressive so that it can create a lasting impression. At birth, most people have healthy and clean teeth. With age, people develop poor dental habits or gum ailments and other health issues that has an adverse impact on their dental health. One of the severe dental issues that anyone can face are cavities, which gradually leads to tooth decay and tooth loss. Did you meet that and are searching for a remedy? The answer is a root canal treatment that can help in a complete tooth restoration. 

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves removing an infected or inflamed soft interior of the tooth, the pulp.

Gone are the days when the dentist used to pluck out a tooth that was 50% decayed. Today, dentists aim to restore as much of the tooth they can. One of the ideal treatments to opt-in for here is root canal therapy. 

Here the dentist first treats the tooth root where the infection takes place. They remove the infected nerves and clean up the space. After that, they place a titanium post on top of which they place the dental crown that resembles a natural tooth. The process takes about two or three sessions to get completed. To know more about this, you can check out Flatiron family dental care in NYC

It is your dentist who decides whether you will need a root canal treatment or not. The extent of the treatment depends on the level of your tooth decay. For instance, if a minimal part of the tooth pulp got affected and the crown is not decayed completely, chances are that the dentist will treat the root and fill the pulp with a gooey substance and seal it. But people who have lost a considerable part of their teeth will have to make use of a dental crown. 

Lastly, the duration of the treatment will get decided by the dentist. A few people can get done with it within two days. For others, it might take up to four sessions. Everything depends on your current dental condition. Also, a root canal’s cost varies from state to state. Since, its almost like a dental surgery and will last you for a long time and sometimes a life-time when treated well, it doesn’t come cheap. Ensure that you know about the average cost of the root canal so that you don’t get charged exorbitantly. 

Is the root canal treatment painful?

Like any other dental issue, an extreme toothache can be the initial sign suggesting that you will require a root canal. Even though the root canals are known for causing minimal pain, the toothache you experience owing to tooth decay or infection is worse compared to this treatment. Simultaneously, with the usage of new-age painkillers and anesthetics, some patients find this treatment highly uncomfortable. Once the treatment gets over, you can feel a particular sensation in the area that got affected for a few days. Also, all the pain that comes up can be relieved using the dentist’s suggested medicines. It is possible for the tooth to feel slightly out of place for a while. You might feel that there is something different in your teeth, but that is completely normal. As days pass, you will become comfortable with the dental crown and treat it like your natural teeth. 

If you find pain at the root’s tip after the root canal surgery, you should get in touch with the dentist at the earliest and get it treated. 

Guidelines that can help before the root canal surgery

Once the dentist decides that you will have to get a root canal surgery done, it is necessary to abide by a few protocols to execute the treatment successfully. Some of the crucial steps are:

  • Take the suggested medications before and after the treatment 

The dentist can ask you to pop in a few medicines both before and after the treatment. These are mostly mild medicines that prepare your gum for surgery. Usually, it would help if you took it three days before and after the treatment. The dentist also suggests you of a pain killer that you can take after the treatment, provided there is ample pain in your root or gums. 

  • You need to cut down on smoking and alcohol for 24 hours

Excess alcohol and smoking are not suitable for good dental health. And if you already have tooth decay, it can aggravate the situation at hand. It is always wise to quit smoking and alcohol consumption for about 15 days before the treatment. That way, the body can detox itself, and you have a chance to heal faster and better. 

  • Not bite into hard substances

You must not start biting into hard food substances, like nuts or hard protein bars, right after you get the root canal therapy done. Even though the dentist places the dental crown firmly, it gets firmer as days pass by. So, ensure that for the following ten days after the surgery, you consume soft foods that are easy to chew and don’t place excess pressure on the gums. That will help you heal better and not aggravate the dental condition in any way you can imagine. 

These are a few essential factors you need to keep in mind when opting for a root canal treatment. Since root canal treatment often involves the placement of a dental crown, you must ensure that you get this done from an expert dentist who has the necessary expertise. They will have to ensure that your dental crown is of the same color as your natural teeth, so that no one other than you and your dental health knows that you have a root canal treatment done. Finally, ensure that the dentist has good customer reviews as it will help you to count on them better. Since the treatment involves your teeth and gums, you need to ensure that you are in safe hands. 

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