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5 Signs you Need To Visit a Cardiologist

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Now in today’s times, there are rarely people who are seen without any issue with their hearts. It can be very tricky for some people to find out if they have a serious issue that demands a visit to the cardiologist. 

The best heart specialist in Islamabad says that a lot of people confuse their heart issues with acidity or they link it to something being wrong with their stomach. However, when there is a heart issue or even a pain felt in the chest, it is very important that you talk to a doctor. But a lot of people are not familiar with the major signs that indicate that you must be seeing a heart doctor. 

Let’s all look at he major signs that one needs to notice when it comes to giving a visit to the heart specialist. 

  • Diabetes

There is a very strong link found between the heart issues and diabetes. If the blood sugar levels are high or low, these can impact the heart health pretty bad. 

The blood sugar if not kept under control can affect how the blood vessels function. It also increaes the chances of you getting affected from coronary heart disease. 

When you suffer from such diseases and issues, it very essential to go for a visit to the cardiologist or a heart specialist. A lot of people make the mistake of visiting a physician when they feel any kind of issue related to heart when they are diabetic. But further they are referred to see a cardiologist. 

  • Chest Pain

Chest pain is one of the major signs of a heart problem. There are other causes also of the chest pain that is felt but a lot of times, it is a sign of a heart attack or a heart failure.

Now, this pain sometimes comes with pressure that is felt in the chest. This pressure can be dangerous as this can keep on building with time and disturb your daily activities. 

Now, when you visit a cardiologist, the doctor can recommend you with the best treatment plan and can find out the exact causes of the issue. Heart attacks also usually occur and show the symptoms of chest pain just before threatening your life to death. The symptoms can vary from man to woman and relieve the pain with exercises.


  • High Cholestrol

Cholestrol is a fatty substance that is present in a number of foods. This is made by the liver. High cholesterol can cause the plaque to accumulate in the arteries. 

A healthy diet can help greatly in controlling high cholesterol. Cholesterol when increases makes the chances of heart attack pretty high. Your doctor can perscribe you medicines that can manage your cholesterol and  this can ultimately make your heart health better. 

The best approach is to visit the doctor and ask for a diet plan that can help in the reduction of cholesterol which can ultimately help in reducing the chances of heart issues. 

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease

Arteries are the blood vessesla that take the blood that is oxyge rich and delievers it to the rest of the body. If you have a known disease in your arteries, such as the leg artery or the blood vessel to the brain, then this indicates that there is probably something wrong with your heart and you might have a coronary artery disease. 

Visiting a cardiologist can help you a lot in figuring out all the issues with your arteries. And eventually it will help you end up getting your heart healthy and okay. The cardiologist can give you tests and try to find the exact cause of the issue. Your doctor can suggest you tests like ecg. The ecg test price in pakista is quite affordbale. 

  • Lack of Exercise

If you have been thinking of starting exercise, but have not been able to do it then you are increasing the threat of getting heart issues. Exercise can help a lot in keeping the heart healthy and can also act as a treatment for a number of heart issues.

This is because of the reason that exercise helps in flowing the blood in the vessel’s propel as blood pumps through al of the body during exercise. 

But if you are considering to change your workout routine after heart BBL surgery then I would suggest not to indulge in such an activity. Make sure to discuss the right conditions and the symptoms you feel with the cardiologist 


Heart problems can occur to anyone and can impact lives pretty bad. But the most important thing is to recognize the issue and to visit the best cardiologist as soon as you can. This is the best you can do to yourself. Get the right treatment done in the right time  and make sure to discuss everything about your health history with your doctor. 

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