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The list of top healthcare scholarships in the U.S. in 2022

The quality of education in the United States is quite high, so some students dream of studying there. A medical degree completed at a U.S. university or college is internationally recognized, which provides vast career opportunities. It is challenging for students to study in U.S. medical schools. It requires a lot of commitment and expenses, though first, it is pretty easy to achieve holding a passion for medicine; second might be a reason for abandoning one’s dream career. Luckily there is an option. Medical students can apply for scholarships to finance their education. We will view this opportunity in the article and look at the list of top healthcare scholarships in the United States.

A point to consider before applying for a scholarship in the United States

They don’t give scholarships in America just for beautiful eyes. The government and universities use them to attract the most talented students worldwide. Once they graduate, they are supposed to contribute to the American economy or spread American culture and values in their home country, thereby strengthening the good image of the United States. Therefore, to receive a scholarship, an applicant must show the committee that their investment will be worthwhile.

How to find a scholarship in the United States

There is no single portal with all the relevant information on scholarships in the United States. One can use sites like or educationUSA, but most options are minor scholarships with coverage of 500-1,000 USD. In addition, the information can often be unreliable or outdated, so be sure to check with the program’s websites. The best strategy is to look for scholarships on the official websites of the universities you are interested in.

Types of scholarships in the United States

State, universities, and private organizations fund scholarships in the United States. Some of these scholarships may be fully sponsored, while others are partially sponsored. The average value of university scholarships is 25-50% of tuition. You need outstanding achievement to get a rare full tuition coverage. Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes: governmental and private, based on academic excellence and for those in need. Need-based scholarships at universities provide financial assistance to those in need, sometimes covering up to 100% of tuition, housing, and board costs. There are even sports scholarships, and they, too, can fully cover the cost of education in the United States. Scholarships are available for all levels of education – undergraduate, graduate/master, and Ph.D. 

How to get a full medical scholarship in the United States?

A full scholarship for students to study covers tuition, stipend, airfare, and other academic expenses. The first step in searching for a scholarship should be your chosen educational establishment’s financial aid office. In fact, many colleges and universities offer scholarship programs, especially for international students enrolling in that establishment. So visit the school’s financial aid website or call/text the office if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Scholarship application

The application itself usually consists of:

  • Application form;
  • Resume;
  • Two essays;
  • Three references.

An essay is a vital part of the application. The final decision depends on how you represent your experience in them. The first essay is the Personal statement, or, in other words, a motivation letter. It should tell something about yourself that is not mentioned on the application form. It should connect your personal story, work experience, and academic background with your goals and study plans in the United States. It is not a trivial task. And if you struggle with writing essays, it may be a good idea to seek assistance from writing services, like, to ensure that your motivation letter appears at its best.

Top 7 healthcare scholarships in the United States 2022 

Below is a list of medical scholarships in the U.S. for students. 

Fulbright Program

It is probably the most well-known scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded by international Fulbright councils/funds or by U.S. embassies. It is available to international students from 155 countries. The Fulbright Program for international students allows graduate students and young professionals from abroad to study and perform research in the United States. The grant usually covers tuition, airfare, housing allowance, health insurance, etc. The Fulbright program provides financial support for the duration of one’s studies.

American College of Surgeons scholarships

The American College of Surgeons offers scholarships for international students and young surgeons from countries other than the United States or Canada with a strong interest in education and research. The scholarship is available at universities and academic institutions in the United States. It is for young surgeons who wish to continue their studies in the United States. The scholarship benefit is $10,000 given to young researchers to attend clinical, educational, and scientific events in Canada and the USA and to participate in training opportunities and events at the American College of Surgeons.

ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers 

It is for medical students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate medical program. Those willing to participate will need to submit an essay focusing on emergency medical care from the perspective of a medical student. Any college or graduate student enrolled in the Medical Degree Program may apply. The author of the winning essay is awarded a $1,000 scholarship, and complimentary access to Pacific Medical Training courses is given to three runners-up.

Siemens-American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

There are many medical school scholarships for graduate medical technologists, technicians, and scientists to study in the United States at some selected medical schools. The fellowship is open to students who are enrolled in a medical school program. This fund provides financial support to outstanding students to help them expand their knowledge, skills, and professional connections. It also assists clinical laboratory students with books and training scholarships.

Edith SeVille Coale Scholarship

The Edith SeVilleCoale Scholarship is granted to female medical students by the Zonta Club of Washington, D.C. The program is open to students who are applying for a second or third year of medical school and also demonstrate financial need. The program’s purpose is to support an organization that works in communities around the world and help women of marginalized communities claim their human rights and achieve self-sufficiency. The support that varies between $5,000- $8,000 for “The Edith SeVilleCoale Scholarship” is granted by mid-May of each year.

Harvard Medical School 

The Harvard Medical School is the world’s leading teaching institution, established in 1782. It is famous and rich in the history of innovation and diversity of degree programs and has a rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine and clinical experience. It is commonly believed that only a privileged few can afford to attend Harvard University, but this is inaccurate: 20% of families pay absolutely nothing, and 55% of students receive financial support. The university considers each student’s financial opportunities regardless of whether they are a citizen of the USA or another country and, if necessary, is ready to cover part or all of the costs related to the education and living needs of the student. The process is simple: if a student is successful in their application but cannot afford to pay all tuition costs, the university gives a 100% financial aid guarantee.

University of Minnesota Medical School

The University of Minnesota Medical School is committed to attracting a diverse student body. In order to attract students from a variety of geographic, social, economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, they recruit students from beyond the borders of Minnesota. To achieve this goal, the Medical School Admissions Committee may award up to fifteen non-resident tuition scholarships to each entering class of the University of Minnesota Medical School. Scholarships are equivalent in amount to the non-resident portion of medical school tuition, awarded to high-ability, non-resident, non-reciprocity students, and renewed each year until graduation, as long as the student is enrolled full-time and maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Getting a degree in the United States gives a wide range of options: one can work as a doctor in the United States or anywhere in the world. Some may decide to specialize in other medical fields and choose to work in a hospital, research institute, or healthcare degree program. Having an option to apply for a scholarship to study healthcare is an excellent opportunity to start or continue a dream career.

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