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Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera Recipe & Nutrition Facts!

Today we will share the delicious and easiest Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera recipe for people who love to stay fit and healthy. We will also share its Nutrition Facts so stay connected with us till the end. The ingredients that are required to make tomato basil salad Panera can be found in your kitchen easily.

In this article, you will also find the ways to serve this Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera Recipe and the details about the additional vegetables and spices. Do not forget to leave a review below in the comment box after trying this recipe. Now let’s begin!

Ingredients to make Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera Recipe:

The ingredients required to make the Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera Recipe may change depending on the preferences of the cooks. You can also exclude or reduce the ingredients you don’t want to use, but you wouldn’t want to leave out any for the best flavor! Tomato Basil is very healthy for the purpose of weight loss trends are popular tips, tricks, and diet hacks that claim to help you lose weight — often very quickly. 


For the perfect taste, it is important to use fresh Basil leaves but if you are unable to find fresh ones then you can use dry basil leaves for this tomato basil salad Panera recipe. 


You can use normal-sized cucumbers but don’t forget to wash and dry them before slicing. It is one of the main ingredients of this recipe so make sure to use fresh ones.


Tomatoes are also one of the main ingredients so you have to pick the right ones for this Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera Recipe. Cherry-sized tomatoes are considered the best choice for it. However, if you are unable to find them then you can use any kind of tomatoes but make sure that they are fresh.


To provide a better taste to this recipe, don’t forget to add vinegar. You can use white vinegar or any kind of vinegar you like.


Salads are incomplete without onion, you should use red onion as it makes your salad look colorful and improves the taste. However, if you don’t wish to add it then don’t because this is not the main ingredient for this recipe.


Adding garlic to the Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera recipe will provide a mouth-watering smell. You should use fresh minced garlic for a better taste and smell however, if you don’t like the taste of it then you can exclude it from this recipe because it is an optional ingredient.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is the key ingredient of tomato basil salad Panera, make sure to use the light one and add as per the requirement.

Step by Step Instructions to make Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera:

The step-by-step instructions for our most delicious Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera Recipe are given below:

  • Take 2 medium cucumbers, 8 medium-sized tomatoes, 4 to 5 Tbsp vinegar, 3 to 4 Tbsp olive oil, A third cup basil, 1 small-sized onion, and 1 and a half Tbsp garlic.
  • First, you have to wash and dry all the vegetables and then slice them nicely.
  • Chop the Basil leaves, slice the onion thinly, and mince the garlic.
  • Now add cucumber, tomatoes, basil, and onion in a bowl.
  • After that, take another bowl to mix olive oil, vinegar, minced garlic, salt, and pepper.
  • Mix them thoroughly, you can also add other spices as per your taste.
  • Let it rest for half an hour and then pour this mixture on the vegetables.
  • Give it a good mix so that all the vegetables are covered in the mixture.
  • The salad is now ready to use with Panera.
  • For a better taste, you can add pecans, cheese, broccoli, peas, and other ingredients you love to eat in a salad.
  • You can also try putting your favorite flavor in this recipe.

How to serve Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera?

There are many ways to serve Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera, it can be served with Chicken or Beef steak. When you put this salad on Panera bread, you can add the chicken cubes in it to make it more tasteful.

However, if you are a vegetarian, then you can eat it as it is. You can add some more spices and sauces to provide a better taste to this recipe.

Tomato basil salad Panera Nutrition Facts:

This Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera recipe is full of nutrients and it is the best option for those who are on a diet. Let’s assume that you are using the above-mentioned recipe in six servings, so the nutrition values of each serving are estimated to be:

  • 12 g total carbohydrates.
  • 2.4 g protein.
  • 7.5 g total fat.
  • 12 mg sodium.
  • 120 calories (Varies depending on the quantity of olive oil used).

Wrapping Up:

We hope you found this article helpful as we went into great detail about the Tomato Basil Cucumber Salad Panera recipe. Don’t forget to put it in the refrigerator if you want to prepare it ahead of time so that it stays fresh. Try this recipe today and let us know how you like it, you can also share it with your friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is cucumber and tomato salad good for weight loss?

These are actually considered best for people who wish to lose weight as they contain less amount of calories. If someone is struggling with losing weight, they should add Tomato and Cucumber salad to their daily diet.

Is tomato basil wrap keto-friendly?

As its fiber content is high and contains low carbs, the tomato basil wrap is considered keto-friendly. It is prepared with extra virgin olive oil, whole wheat, and flax seed.

Can I prepare this salad in advance?

We suggest you make it on the same day you wish to use otherwise, it won’t taste the same. You can put it in the fridge to make sure that the vegetables stay fresh.

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