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Top Reasons to Go For Root Canals

The pulp is at the center of your teeth and features blood vessels, cells, and connective tissues. The soft inner tissue can be infected or inflamed, known as pulpitis, or extensively damaged and dies, referred to as pulp necrosis. The common concerns associated with unhealthy pulp are increased sensitivity and toothache, pain and discomfort that can impact dental functionality. When the damage is irreversible, root canals Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, is the go-to treatment option. The damage could be due to severe tooth decay or trauma, but it shouldn’t necessarily lead to extraction or considerable long-term pain and discomfort. Root canals are an effective and go-to treatment delivering many benefits, including:

Avoid tooth loss

After enduring pain for a night, extraction is usually on top of many patients’ minds. Extraction offers a permanent solution but exposes you to more dental concerns. The gap creates space for plaque buildup, encouraging bacteria breeding. This increases the chances of further infection, which could result in more lost teeth. Root canal treatment eliminates the infected pulp and leaves the tooth intact, eliminating such dental concerns.

Keep the jawbone healthier

An infected pulp harbors bacteria. They can spread and escalate the condition to gum disease and significantly impact your dental health. If you opt for extraction, you eliminate the infected pulp and the tooth. This leaves a gap, meaning your jawbone does not get the stimulation the teeth offer when you chew. The result is jawbone degradation, meaning holding your teeth in place becomes more challenging, exposing you to a high risk of further tooth loss. Since root canal treatment does not involve the extraction, you avoid such an impact on your jawbone, making it easier to maintain a healthier and functional dental structure.

Improve oral hygiene

Maintaining a practical oral hygiene regimen when dealing with tooth sensitivity and pain is challenging. Brushing becomes more demanding, meaning you are likely to be ineffective, leaving enough room for plaque. After the root canal treatment, you will eliminate the symptoms and easily brush and floss. Even better, you won’t be left with a gap, as is the case with extractions, meaning less tricky areas where plaque can accumulate. Oral hygiene is critical as you strive to keep problems at bay, emphasizing the need for effective treatments like root canals.

Aesthetic impact

Root canal treatments mean you preserve your natural tooth. This makes it easier to keep your striking smile intact. Moreover, you avoid consequences like teeth shifting out of place, like when you lose a tooth, which can result in misalignment that affects more than your smile. A healthy and dazzling smile impacts your overall wellness, especially considering its impact on your confidence. Such consideration further gives root canal treatment an edge as you look for an effective solution.  

Painless procedure

Compared to extreme procedures like extraction, root canal treatment is virtually painless. The experts use specialty equipment to remove the infected pulp, then clean and disinfect the area. Root canals are an ideal solution for extreme cavities and tooth decay since you effectively eliminate the symptoms without being exposed to more pain.

Root canals win on many fronts as you strive to address toothache and discomfort affecting your smile and dental functions. Visit Brooklyn City Dental Insurance today for more on root canals and how the treatment can help your situation.

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