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We are fortunate to benefit from modern medicine in the world today. And while there have been numerous medical advances, this does not imply that “psychic healing” is no longer practiced.

In truth, many people still use complementary therapies when ill and turn to the spiritual realm. Additionally, many people discover that using psychic energy healing methods improves their ability to think clearly.

This article explores different types of psychic healing and techniques to better guide you about the concept. But first, let’s discuss psychic healing in a bit more detail.

What is psychic healing?

Psychic healing, sometimes referred to as energy healing, is the process of one or more people giving healing energy to another person to re-energize them.

A person with good meditation skills and the ability to focus on accurately directing their energy to the patient can typically achieve psychic healing. These psychic healers have attained spiritual maturity. The person’s subconscious is the level at which psychic healers work. For healing to work, the patient must subconsciously believe in the healer and the procedure.

There are three types of psychic healing.

Spiritual healing:

A highly developed and flexible type of psychic healing is spiritual healing. This kind of healing entails the healer calling forth spiritual or universal healing energy and sending it to the patient. Working through this spiritual path of psychic healing can be incredibly satisfying. 

Anyone who needs help through spiritual healing should always turn to Trusted Psychics who understand their thoughts and emotions, have a keen sense of what they require, and can focus their energy on them. A psychic can perceive information that others cannot see. Psychic healers have developed their skills through years of study and practice. 

Pranic healing:

Pranic healing uses the life force, or prana, that permeates the human body. The practitioner channels this energy into the patient’s body to help them heal from any illness they may be dealing with. To improve the balance of energy in those regions, the healer directs this force into the portions of the other’s body that require healing.

Trans healing:

Trans-healing targets the mind, body, and spirit. It works on all levels of your body to cure you of whatever trauma or suffering in your life. It focuses on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels more than the physical level, but it still involves the physical level if a physical condition is associated with emotional, mental, or spiritual difficulties. Trance healers induce a trance-like state in their clients, like hypnotism. Once their client is in trance, the healer directs healing energy into them.

Some psychic healing methods are primarily employed to promote recovery from psychological conditions and mental suffering. Let’s discuss them. 

Crystal technique

For ages, crystals have been used as a natural energy source to aid healing and balance. They come in various shapes, including jewels, rock formations, salt crystals, and even fossils. The most common crystal is quartz, composed of an ordered arrangement of silicon dioxide (SiO2) molecules. Quartz is the primary constituent of granite rocks, although it also occurs naturally as veins in other stones such as agate and onyx. Ancient societies believed it had mystical abilities. A crystal therapist places healing crystals on or around a client during a crystal healing session to concentrate and direct energy.

Quantum technique

The Quantum Technique is a procedure that involves the quantum field. This sphere of energy surrounds and extends beyond our physical bodies. It is not only spiritual, but it also has an immediate healing impact on the immune system. The healer employs life force energy to eliminate barriers and encourage the body’s potential to repair itself.


Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy used to treat many conditions. It involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body to stimulate energy flow and promote healing. The theory behind acupuncture is that all parts of your body are connected by meridians (energy channels) which run throughout your entire system. Your acupuncturist will identify these meridians and then use tiny needles to stimulate them for therapeutic purposes.


Reiki is a Japanese technique that can help heal a physical, emotional, or mental illness. It works by sending the practitioner’s intention into the body and mind of the person receiving Reiki. The practitioner may use their hands to channel energy through them and direct it towards specific body parts or place their hands on different parts of the recipient’s body. Reiki is particularly effective in treating pain, stress, and anxiety and helping with insomnia, headaches, and other conditions such as depression. There are many ways to improve mental disorders like depression as an alternative to Reiki.

Final thoughts:

Psychic healing involves combining energy work, meditation techniques, and intuitive guidance to help you feel better, be more relaxed, and have more energy in your body. It combines your emotions and thoughts to encourage balance and wholeness in the body and mind. The psychic healer will guide you through an inner journey to release negative energy blocks that are causing pain and suffering in your life. A psychic healer exposes the spiritual dimension of your symptoms to strengthen your connection to the divine and show you what needs to be healed or changed. 

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