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Dazzling Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Common Nowadays

Are you having a missing tooth due to cavities, an accident, or periodontal disease? The experience can truly be a nightmare. Fortunately, replacing the lost tooth is sorted by several options, including dentures and dental implants. However, dental implants are more effective than other options. As a result, dental implants Sunnyvale are being embraced at an alarming rate due to their effectiveness. If you are wondering why they have become so popular, this article covers you. Below are dazzling reasons why dental implants have become so common nowadays.

Dental Implants Facilitate Restoration of Bite Force

Dental implants are attached to your jaw using a titanium post, replacing the tooth root. As a result, they enable you to bite using less force than you could apply with natural teeth. However, other replacement treatments, such as dentures, offer less bite force since they only sit on the top of your gum and are not attached in place.

Cleaning Dental Implants Is Easy

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is essential for maintaining good dental function. In this instance, implants outshine other options. For example, to clean dentures, you need to remove them. Besides, if you have bridges, you need to clean around the hardware anchored to the adjacent teeth carefully. This process can demand special tools and skills. However, dental implants are designed to fit flawlessly with your smile, indicating that they align with the gum line, making brushing and flossing easy.

They Prevent Bone Loss

Once you lose a tooth, you will likely lose bone mass in the jaw. The jawbone requires stimulation it receives whenever the teeth link to uphold its mass. Luckily, dental implants alone are effective when it comes to replacing jaw bone stimulation, and preventing bone loss.

They Enhance Appearance

When you have missing teeth, there are high chances of feeling shy and inferior when laughing or talking. Fortunately, you can get implants that look and feel like your natural teeth whitening. These implants provide a natural-looking replacement in terms of color for the lost teeth. They lack metal hooks to hold dentures in place, enabling you to chew anything like your friend with natural teeth.

They Are Durable

Dental implants offer strength and stability for several years since they are attached to your present bone structure. In fact, if you practice good care, implants can provide lifetime effects performing just like your natural teeth. Thus, they will save you money and boost your confidence.

Implants Are Relatively Cost-Effective

Normally, dentures cost less to get, but dental implants are much cheaper in the long term. Dentures are expensive because you have to reline them annually. Besides, you have to replace them after every 5 or 10 years. Alternatively, dental implants can give service for a lifetime with good care, meaning you will not incur the cost to replace or maintain them annually.

Losing a tooth can massively deteriorate your self-confidence when laughing or talking in public. You are also likely to have challenges in your bite and speech. If you are interested in solving these oral concerns, consider dental implants. They are excellent for all ages if you have a missing tooth due to decay or an accident. However, you should consult a dentist to evaluate the success of this procedure. If you are eligible for them, you will never regret having them.

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