Are Cheez Its Healthy? Briefly Explained!

If you love cheese crackers and are simultaneously concerned about your health, this thought must have crossed your mind: Are Cheez Its Healthy? Well, this is what we are going to discuss today. We will provide all the details about cheez its and answer the question ‘Are Cheez its healthy for weight loss?’ so stay connected until the end!

Cheez Its is the brand name and many other brands also make cheese crackers so the real question is what’s so important about cheez its? Why are they so popular? Keep reading to find out. There are many flavors of cheez its available but cheddar cheese is added to all of them. Which flavor do you like the most? Answer it in the comment section at the end of the article!

Because cheese is added to Cheez Its, we cannot say yes clearly as the answer to the question ‘Are Cheez Its Healthy’. The reason is that it contains other processed ingredients like white flour and vegetable oil and the most important thing is that it contains TBHQ which is considered to be the reason for paralysis and tumors as per some studies. Let’s dive into the details!

What are the ingredients used in making Cheez Its?

Are Cheez Its Healthy


To know the answer to ‘Are Cheez Its Healthy’, we must check out its ingredients so that we can come to the conclusion. The main ingredients list of cheez its is given below:

Vegetable Oil:

Cheez its contain processed vegetable oil that contains saturated fat, you can try reduced Fat Cheez-Its that have 25% less total fat but still it is not good enough.

TBHQ as Preservative:

Even though TBHQ is FDA-approved but it is not considered good and its side effects are more on some people than others. Moreover, some animal studies showed that it could be the cause of paralysis, convulsions, tumors, liver enlargement, etc.

White Flour:

Processed white flour is used in making cheez its which is not considered healthy as it is very low in fiber content and high in glycemic index.


As we know from the name, cheese is the main ingredient of cheez its but just because it has cheese in it, we cannot say yes to ‘Are Cheez Its Healthy’ as it contains other unhealthy ingredients. Its sodium content is high which could lead to heart attacks.

Cheez its Carbohydrate content :

Per serving of cheez its contain 17 g of carbs which is relatively low because other snacks have higher carbohydrate content, per serving of Wheat thins has 22g of carbs, per serving of Triscuits has 20g of carbs and Goldfish has 20 g of carbs. 

Cheez its Fiber content:

Fiber-containing foods are best for your health as they improve digestion and provide other health benefits but cheez its has a very low fiber content as it is not made with whole-grain flour. Other snack brands like Wheat Thins and Triscuits have relatively higher fiber content, they both contain 3 grams of fiber.

Cheez Sodium Content:

Cheez Its has 230mg of sodium per serving and another snack brand Goldfish also has the same sodium content. However, there are other snack brands available that have relatively lower sodium content such as Wheat Thins and Triscuits, they contain 200mg and 160mg of sodium per serving respectively. Keep reading to know more on ‘Are Cheez Its Healthy?’

Are Cheez Its Healthy?

Cheez its are sugar-free snacks that do not contain any artificial flavors, most snacks add red dye to give a particular color but cheez its does not use it, instead, they add paprika powder to give it an orange-red color and spice it up at the same time. Eating artificial colors poses health risks and cheez its is free of this so can we really say that this snack is healthy? 

Well, these types of snacks are never considered healthy, it is because they do not provide any nutritional value and temporarily fill your stomach without providing any health benefits so how can we say that it’s healthy? No, we cannot say that. It does contain traces of vitamins and minerals but is it not enough to declare it as a healthy snack.

Moreover, you are getting 8 grams of fat and 230 mg of salt in the name of a snack so it is not good. Now you must have an idea about the other question which is ‘Are cheez its healthy for weight loss?’ Obviously not because it contains high amounts of calories and processed ingredients. However, it poses no harm if you eat a balanced diet.

Wrapping Up:

are cheez its healthy for weight loss


We tried to give the answer to the question ‘Are Cheez Its Healthy’ in detail and we hope that now you have a clear idea about it. Snacks should be a good source of nutrition so you must choose wisely if you want to stay fit and healthy because most of the time our health concerns raises due to unhealthy snacks and junk. 

We hope that you found this article informative, do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below and share this information with your friends as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Cheez-Its be healthy?

As much as we love to eat cheez its but it is not the right thing to say that it is healthy because it is not as it contains processed ingredients and high amounts of sodium and fat. However, it is not harmful to your health if you eat it in a limited amount.

What are the nutritional values of Cheez-Its?

Cheez its contain 17g total carbs, 3g protein, 152 calories, 8 g fat, and 230mg sodium.  It also contains traces of some other minerals and vitamins.

Are cheez its healthy for weight loss?

If you are struggling to lose weight then you should avoid such type of snacks as they are not healthy and contains fat. However, it is not big deal if you are taking it moderately.

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