5 Best Non Surgical Face Contouring Methods That You Need To Know!

Face surgeries are becoming a quite common thing nowadays but still many people try to avoid it so we are here to help them. The 5 best non surgical face contouring methods that we will share in this article will help you gain your perfect skin appearance back so stay with us till the end of this article!

To reduce the visible signs of aging and define your features, people nowadays prefer non surgical face contouring methods because they provide long-lasting results without causing any harmful side effects. So, are you excited to have improved facial features? Do you want to get rid of saggy skin and want to feel young again? Then, Let’s begin!

What do you mean by Non surgical Face Contouring?

There are some methods used to provide the best Facial Contouring results without going through surgeries. Their demand is increasing day by day as they provide outstanding and long-lasting results. Now you can enhance your facial features and get the desired appearance without going through painful surgeries.

The facial contouring non surgical methods use dermal fillers to alter and improve the features of the face. Typically, more than two syringes of filler are injected into various parts of the face and the best thing about them is less recovery time. The areas treated normally through non surgical Face Contouring procedures might include:

  • Cheeks.
  • Jaw.
  • Lips
  • Chin.
  • Temple.

What are some Best non surgical face contouring Methods?

The details of the most common and effective facial contouring non surgical methods are given below, you can select one as per your requirement.

Radio Frequency Therapy:

Radio Frequency Therapy has recently been shown to be an excellent method for face contouring. It makes use of several machine types, and while tightening the underlying layer of skin, it can prevent damage to the skin’s top layer. Energy waves are used in this non surgical face contouring technique; you may feel redness and swelling following the procedure.

Your skin becomes tighter when heat is applied to its layers because the heat stimulates the growth of new collagen fibers. It takes a short amount of time and is painless. Radio Frequency Therapy is occasionally used with the benefit of microneedling to get better and more durable outcomes and for the best results, it is recommended to have regular therapy sessions. 

Facial Massage:

It is one of the most popular non surgical face contouring techniques, but if you want ideal results, you must consult an expert. Numerous face-massage techniques are employed to accentuate the features and tighten the skin. This is why it’s become extremely normal to use beauty equipment like guasha, jade rollers, and facial rollers.

When you get a facial massage, professionals use a technique that allows your muscles to relax and drains extra fluid from your face, which creates puffiness. During a massage, pressure is administered with the hands, which also aids in stimulating blood circulation. However, this method requires regular sessions for getting visible and long-lasting results.

Cryolipolysis (Cool Sculpting):

Cool Sculpting is another effective facial contouring non surgical method that helps in removing fat under the skin. Double chin is the main cause of bad face appearance so this method removes extra fat, jowls, and double chins. Although you won’t see the effects right away, they will last for a very long time.

By chilling the fat deposits below the freezing point and then removing the dead, frozen cells from the body, this non surgical face contouring technique can reduce the fat deposits. After this surgery, you can suffer redness, swelling, numbness, and tingling, but these side effects will pass with time.


It is the most widespread non surgical face contouring technique and has been around for a long time; it aids in achieving smooth and youthful-looking skin, and Botox injections can be used to achieve sharp-angled and wide jaws.

No wonder Botox is a popular option for non-surgical face contouring since it is a relatively quick procedure and requires less time than other procedures. Botox is also a cost-effective effective method and that is why it is preferred by many people. However, if you want long-term results, you will need to go for the sessions every couple of months.

Face Contouring by using Fillers:

Last but not least non surgical face contouring method is using Fillers, which can be used to shape and improve the appearance of your face. To give your face a fuller and smoother appearance, the fillers can be injected into hollowed-out areas like your cheekbones and wrinkles. Fillers can also be used for sharp jawlines and for enhanced lips.

The many filler kinds can be utilized in a variety of ways, and the technique is determined by your needs. You’ve probably heard of hyaluronic acid fillers, which work by absorbing water to give the appearance of fuller skin. 

The two types of hyaluronic acid fillers include thin and thick; Thin fillers are for the lips, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines surrounding the chin while Thick fillers are used on the cheeks, temples, jawline, and chin.

Wrapping Up:

The majority of people prefer non surgical facial contouring techniques to enhance their features over face surgeries, which are becoming increasingly popular recently but carry a high risk. The methods we’ve mentioned above are the best and most widely used, we hope that this article has provided you with useful knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is non-surgical face contouring?

Non-surgical face contouring includes methods like Botox, Cool sculpting, Fillers, and Radio frequency Therapy to enhance the features of your face without going through long and sometimes painful surgeries. These methods provide long-lasting results and are less to no-painful.

What are the best non-surgical facial treatments?

Microneedling, CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Radiofrequency Microneedling, Botox, and Sculptra are among the best non-surgical facial treatments.

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