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Teeth Whitening- Why the Dentist Does it Better

Is your smile the very best it could be – or are dull, stained teeth letting you down?

We all know how much first impressions count – both in the workplace and socially. Your smile is a big part of that crucial first impression other people form of you. Is yours bright, sparkling, and white? Or have ageing, genetics, and/or unwise lifestyle habits compromised the appearance of your teeth?

The Anatomy of a Beautiful Smile

While some people are more genetically blessed than others in terms of facial features and bone structure (and remember, beauty is very subjective), clean, fresh, white teeth are universally smiled upon (pun intended!) when it comes to an appealing appearance.

Straightening crooked teeth, replacing missing teeth grinding, and other major dental interventions can certainly help anyone improve the structure of their smile. But no matter what else you do, there is nothing quite as appealing as a smile featuring fresh, clean, bright teeth. A lot of people, however, are not naturally blessed with this asset…

Yellowed, stained, dull, or discoloured teeth are unsightly, and one’s confidence can take an enormous hit if smiling displays less-than-perfect results.

What Causes Discoloured Teeth?

When our teeth first erupt during childhood, for most of us they are lustrous and a bright shade of ivory or white (ivory is also the material forming the tusks or massive teeth of the elephant, walrus, hippopotamus, warthog, narwhal, and sperm whale). 

As we get older, however, the hard enamel coating of the teeth will lose its lustre and the teeth can also take on a yellow tinge and become stained. This happens because teeth are porous; they absorb small amounts of the substances we put in our mouths. From coffee and red wine to liquorice, beetroot, carbonated drinks like cola, and the by-products of smoking cigarettes, the teeth are vulnerable and eventually will experience staining and dulling. 

Numerous factors influence these effects and their severity, including:

  1. Daily oral hygiene habits
  2. Maintenance of regular dental visits
  3. Natural ageing 
  4. Genetics 
  5. Presence of fluoride in drinking water
  6. Food and drink choices
  7. Smoking 
  8. Drug use (prescription and illicit)
  9. Dental trauma or infection
  10. Exposure to childhood illnesses
  11. Dental infection or trauma

Why is In-Dentist Teeth Whitening the Answer?

Teeth whitening is an effective way to improve and enhance your smile by rectifying the issue of dull or stained teeth. It achieves this by closing the pores in the enamel and removing or greatly minimising the stains.

There are different teeth whitening systems to choose from, with some being much more effective than others. While there are some generic options available, we strongly recommend you ask your dentist so that you understand the best approach for your teeth.

A good dentist will offer advice based on your unique needs.

Whitening Toothpaste works by cleaning the mouth and removing minor, short-term surface stains that have been caused by foods and drinks. It also helps to restore some lustre and is the most budget-friendly and simplest way to support a bright smile. You need to use whitening toothpaste on an ongoing, long-term basis.

Whitening Strips are a generic, over-the-counter whitening solution. They are flexible strips that are coated in a whitening material and are placed over each row of teeth for a set amount of time. They are used for several days. This affordable option is only mildly effective and only on very mildly stained teeth.

Some dentists may recommend at-home Custom Tray Bleaching. This reliable whitening method uses custom-fit dental trays which are filled with whitening agents. These are then worn over the teeth for a set amount of time every day for several days or weeks.

By far the most effective method is In-Chair Whitening. This customised and professional tooth whitening treatment is performed by your dentist in the clinic. A prescription-grade, highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to the teeth and then activated by a laser device. Performed by a properly trained dental team implementing the right precautions, the procedure is safe and extremely effective, even on severely stained teeth.

In-clinic whitening procedures or those professionally prescribed and overseen by your dentist will always deliver better results. Yes, this is more expensive than purchasing a generic whitening product over the counter in a supermarket, pharmacy, or online – but the results will speak for themselves. This is due to your dentist’s expertise and the quality of whitening products and systems used. Your dentist will always avail the very best dental supplies in Sydney or their location so that you get what you pay for and see real, lasting results. Aren’t you worth it?

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